[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate



Pages 1406-1410

Author’s Notes: “De Void duzn’t scare me. Any sucka messes wid mah’ blood loses his own!”

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this is less of a comic and more of a graphic novel


Sorry, but I’m not sure I know the difference.


Oh void was trying to kill him via fall damage? I thought he’d just crush him, or slam him into the void and drown him in it. Oh well! More fun for him.


Let the battle comence

Pages 1411-1415




Author’s Notes: “Alright, pop your dex effusions now if you have any and start rotating…”

Full Comic Layout


pirate captain to top left or kick


The way of Shadow

Pages 1411-1415

Author’s Notes: Only because they make that wretched sound ingame.

Full Comic Layout


God I love the Skree Panel :rofl:


the one immediately after it is better change my mind


:eyes: we on a break now, yeh. To be fair, exalt is pretty awesome. Been playing again.


I wonder how the characters in our story are handling the shift to Exalt; are they able to function effectively despite the constant disconnects?


That should be the next arc lol


Void Entity is in chest phase when suddenly Rhea disappears and all the other characters can hear is her cursing through discord.


1 year hiatus incoming?






May or may not have been based on Yesbutno’s version of Rhea and thus serve as a stealth promotion for The Realm and Rhea the Red Prismed Hipster


Animal Crossing + Quarentine is one hell of a drug, I’ll tell you what.
Anyways, back to our regularly unscheduled program.

Helpful Hauntings

Pages 1416-1430

Author’s Notes: Still hard to envision a battle mostly involving circling a platform but hey its fun to pretend the battle isn’t arduous.

Full Comic Layout

And thanks to the great Lily, Wilhuff, and HenezRS, we are officially canon (in theory)


Congrats craftable!! Welcome back~

edit: Also, that hivemind fusion panel looking cool


Oh no… not again ?