[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


See you summer 2021 :D.


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ok for real this time I have found zero way to make the void fight super epic so we’re just gonna cut that cord

too many pages to post upon the forums but upon my Full Comic Layout has a bunch of new pages and I’m on actual literal quarentine lockdown so I’m gonna hammer this out. No more will I let you wait, as you’ve waited to long.


Logged in to make an announcement in my comic thread, then stumbled right into this.


An unexpected surprise… but a welcome one! Heya Craftable!

Reactions to the comix!

Spoilers abound!

Lol at that jab from dreadstump about the fight duration. RIP davy.

Ohhh damn that triplet panel is really cool.



to be continued in The Realm



Hate having to make yall load the big ass page but still too assed to post here. Once I’m done bulking I will.


Epic green blurr! Man, if only samurais are this badass in game lol. I wonder where the rest of Rhea’s sailor-y gang went…

Also, is it possible to split the pages into 100 panels each? Kinda hard to re-read them and needing to load all 1400(?) panels every time.


I will spend time to reorganize the pages, but initially I didn’t think I’d even get to 1400.


The End Of the Void

Pages 1497-1523

Author’s Notes: After watching a guild speedrun a Void fight… I think I did a pretty good job. But we’re not done yet. Stay tuned!

Full Comic Layout for anything before this


lmao so THAT’s how you craft a void blade! sweet sweet 1500 panels… they come and go so fast!

Also, I like to imagine that


In the end while void was the size of a rat, his voice was high and squeaky like Pika from One Piece


Not All Heroes Are Alike

Pages 1524-1534

Author’s Notes: The first smile in a long time.

Full Comic Layout


Daww look at the poor girl. Hip hip hurray for Unity!™


Friendship Glitters Like Gold

Pages 1535-1549

Author’s Notes: I can’t sell “the friends we made along the way”… atleast not as easy.

Full Comic Layout


but what if the real void was where the friends we should have made are


I see at least 2 white bags and a mountain pile of realm gold. If only in game void gave out realm gold coins~
One drop for each of the pirates huh?


Treasure AND Friendship?

Pages 1550-1562

Author’s Notes: Only good thing about the major delay is the concept of runes.

Full Comic Layout



Pages 1563-1572

Author’s Notes: A sad goodbye for a long journey. But there’s still a few loose ends to tie up.

Full Comic Layout



Davy is here! Thessal Chekov’s gun saves the pirate.

Ayy Samurai being released is cannon.

Love the detail of a chest being under Stumpy’s hat.

Good lord that is junk pile for non-heroes, but shit am I not green with envy with all those.

Imagine defeating void and getting a chest full worth of loot. To be fair, she earned a good rest. Nice hook onto O3 as well! Who knew that something more evil was Oryx himself.

You heard it here first folks! Dreadstump’s secret to life is his right hand!

So will we be getting an epilogue chapter, or will you take a break before tackling O3? Regardless, congrats on the 1.5k panel/page comic! Will you be doing an AMA after this? I want to know your thoughts about the comic, the growth, the planned length, scale, character planning, etc.


Everyone is thanking Craftable for doing this comic but i’d like to thank @Toastrz for creating the Lost Halls else this comic won’t exist