[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate


Arguably the most controversal dungeon in all of Realm history? Toasty gets props from me.

There will be an epilogue yes, we’re not through just yet. I’ll definetely have some sort of end review of the story. Not to have too much spoilers but now that I’m not entirely terrible at art this one is just about wrapped up, there will be overhauls to the format/style. Preferably :eyes:


Chapter 11 (Pro-Epilogue)

Pages 1573-1578

Author’s Notes: A new class has been introduced… wait… what do you mean its been years?

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Rhea back to rocking her classic attire, plus the cap! Also, ooh who dat?


“may my force be with you”



Back to The Hall Again

Pages 1579-1586

Author’s Notes: hey hey remember all the zany characters? Me neither.

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I’m not used to this fast update speed.


A newbie looking at the bots: “Oh wow! This game has a very active community!”
Hell yeahh, we got our slime pally, priest, and rogue! I wonder where’s the assassin and knight is at


Cute and kind operators

also sau abusing powers to join ghall without being in guild s m h


When inspiration strikes, strike back with the will to finish this damn thing once and for all

Shame really, even outside of the comic world.

In theory, Sensey can also do this if he’s not just being added and removed instantly


I swear, I get an idea and it gets used by some other comic artist. :sob: Stuff like people somehow managing to join Guild Halls without being the guild, the Nexus closing down mysteriously CANDIED REALMS COUGH COUGH, and so on; they were all things I was planning on introducing to my story…I guess I could elaborate more on how they get into the GHalls, but I’m still salty.

The problem for me is that even though I made up the entire KOFN story, I told it to myself so much that it’s reeaally boring. So my enthusiasm for making a visual version is…a little less exciting :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of plot points either came from the current experiences of that time or just laziness. The best part though, everyone can have their own spin without much overlap, since there’s a lot anchored in actual Realm lore/canon to determine what is by the creator’s hand.

And the power to pull through and finish a project blows chunks, but its about the journey, not the destination. One step at a time, even if its a baby step.


Intruder Alert?

Pages 1587-1595

Author’s Notes: Wish I could redo some of the guildie designs but that will have to be next story.

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RIP Champion of Oryx; We hardly knew ye.


Did someone say resdesigns?

Credits: @YesButNo


Slime pally got a buff lol. Activated that damaging too soon.
@Wilhuff @YesButNo daaamn that Sai looks very spicy


Forgotten Greetings

Pages 1597-1607

Author’s Notes: 1600.

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A Forgotten Diety

Pages 1608-1620

Author’s Notes: Despite the late Sil3x, he lives on in our hearts.

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Deific Ensemble of Corrective Administrators. Interesting.


The Greatest Treasure Of Them All

Pages 1621-1626

Author’s Notes: We still got a few more loose ends to tie up, but we’ve finally reached the end. Got kinda hairy near the end, but atleast we’re here. Epilogue to come.


Full Comic Layout


Dreadstump fed the helmet rune smh