[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


I read the story and I like it. Seeing Shatter mentioned made me look at his realmeye cuz it made me realize I NEVER see him post on here anymore. And he has no characters. Doesn’t that mean he got banned???


That just means all of his characters haven’t been seen in 15 days


OHH ok, so I guess he doesn’t play anymore. I didn’t think he got banned man he always seemed like one of the straight up realmers, ya know?


Surely one user cannot be this handsome



haha get it cause im one of the artists


Meet Meghan

Illustrated by @PhantomMod (Left side: age 20; Right side: age 38)


“This town is coarse, and cold, and mean, its hard to keep your conscience clean. Faceless in the crowd, anything’s allowed. And so I come at dawn each day, come to wash it all away. Sink into the sea; blue and cool and kind. Let it set me free, let the past unwind… Leave the hurt behind.”

“You should never have come to the PPE District. Its not a place for people like you and @Seelpit. Its too easy to forget who you are, and where you belong. Take your wife, your daughter, and go! Sail across the sea. Put us out of mind. Close your eyes and flee; let yourself stay blind. Leave this place behind…” (Meghan to @Ecookied)

Age (In Debut): 20
Age (Latest Appearance): 38
Gear (Latest Appearance): Tyrant’s Wand, Henchman’s Claymore; custom battle armor.
Abilities: Engineering

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

I realised I haven’t actually responded to this thread yet, so I’d just like to say I’m really excited to see how this entire story goes~ It’s also exciting to see so many great artists collaborate onto this story, which I’ve read and enjoyed fondly ^-^


@Wilhuff Can I try to draw myself?
I will dm you my drawing and if you like it then Yay, if you don’t then I have the trash right next to me…





Hey does the picture need to be a full body picture lol


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Insignia illustrated by @PhantomMod

“White Witch”

Illustrated by @Campfires


“AGGGHHHHH!!!”- @SoloSen after being struck by Ancient Spell: Pierce
“Once upon a time, there was a kingdom; a beautiful one. Surrounded by darkness of an ancient war…”

Age (In Debut): 30
Age (Latest Appearance): 36
Gear (Latest Appearance): Staff of the Cosmic Whole (Crystal sharpened into a point); various spells (all memorized; specific preference for Ancient Spell: Pierce)
Abilities: Magical Matriarch (Passive ability): 0 MP cost for Magic based powers + Triple Damage inflicted upon enemies struck by magic based attacks; Eyes glow green, and body radiates a green aura when utilizing powerful magic abilities.


The magic and the mystery, of the p̶o̶t̶a̶t̶o̶ ̶k̶n̶i̶s̶h̶e̶s̶- white witches


I was tagged somewhere?





illustrated by @YesButNo


“Ronin…”- Craftable to Rhea as they come face to face with the Ronin.

“You’ve been been tricked by that charlatan, Sensey. He gives costumes to foolish children, letting them believe that they are heroes, leading them like lambs to the slaughter. I warned him, if he ever put the Insurgents back together, I would kill every last one of them. And, you’re about to learn, that I’m a man of my word.”

Age (In Debut): 33
Age (Latest Appearance): 39
Gear (Latest Appearance): Assorted Swords and Katanas, ghostly grenades, Ancient Doom Bow, dagger of Foul Malevolence, retractable steel (later titanium) claws built into gauntlets.
Abilities: Shatter Point (Active ability); Can detect weak points and vulnerabilities in enemies and obstacles; slightly above average stats due to lifetime gym membership.


Pretty good if I do say so myself!


It is pretty good though.




Gotta learn how to do digital art because I fall victim to bad photo quality all the time