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Kingdom of Alliance

An autonomous kingdom located in the Nexus Outskirt regions, the Kingdom of Alliance boasts vast wealth of natural resources and strong influence over the Outskirt territories. Alliance’s government is a monarchy, ruled by Queen Lily Zeroth. The primary backbone of their economy is mining of mithril, the strongest and most desirable of metals, which is used in all Nexus adventurer armors. Mithril also plays an important part in Alliance culture with nearly all of their weaponry and armors being fashioned of the metal.

Bonna Finneon

(Top: cloaked; bottom: uncloaked and helmetless)

A high ranking specialist officer in the Alliance military, Finneon is one of Lily’s top lieutenants. Finneon boasts a multitude of skills and abilities including but not limited to, beyond human hand-eye coordination, knowledge of metallurgy, and lighting reflexes.


Lily’s right hand man and commander of the Alliance military force, this stalwart soldier serves his queen with undying loyalty, often accompanying the former on her missions. One of the finest military commanders in the Nexus, Zaryl inspires loyalty in those under him, leading them to countless victories under the banner of Alliance.

Alliance Soldiers

Enshrined in brilliant white and purple mithril armor, these soldiers are the backbone of Alliance military. Having undergone a far more rigorous training process than ordinary Nexus soldiers, Alliance soldiers are unmatched in their abilities to coordinate and work in unison. With their troops drawing strength in their numbers and their abilities to overwhelm the enemy, the Kingdom of Alliance seems almost invincible!

All art credits: @PhantomMod
(These will also be the last character references from Phantommod, and their next work to be posted will be comic.)

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


Meanwhile…in The Realm

Actually seriously feeling like I’m beating the decayed skeleton of a horse by continuing to advertise these stories as a comic after nearly a year with no comic to show for it. If anything, I’ll just finish up the rest of the stories I have planned and release them here as horrifying, giant walls of text written documents.

There will probably be one or two more character references, looking to commission them from someone you might all be familiar with…


Illustrated by @PhantomMod

Squeakwee outfit 2: Ronin II
After the Battle for Nexus, the Order of King Solomon undergoes a change in leadership, Squeakwee succeeding her father to take both the throne and his mantle of Ronin. Her custom suit as the Second Ronin boasts enhanced strength, armor, and abilities through integration of new technologies developed after the Battle for Nexus.


Electrified Claws: Compared to the larger and heavier steel claws of the Ronin I suit, the Ronin II suit’s claws are designed to be more light weight and nimble. To compensate for the lack of raw power compared to the original suit’s claws, these are enhanced by new technological cores embedded in the gauntlets, enabling them to deliver powerful electrical charges after striking an opponent.

Whip Sword: As time progresses in the Nexus, new technological breakthroughs are made every day. The Order of King Solomon’s whip sword is comprised of multiple steel plates linked together through electro magnets. The sword can disassemble into a longer ranged whip, then re-composite itself into a standard bladed sword.

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

Scrubbed off the first post’s story listings in preparation for a more accurate listing and…other things to come…



Missed its one year anniversary by a few days.




Misc update post;

I said a while ago that stories 1-3 are being reworked and I am happy to say that they will be, after the current story arc is completed.

Second Crusade -> The Enlightened
Descent -> The Forsaken
Special 1 -> TBA

Battle for Nexus stories are still being worked on; going to be by far the largest grouping of stories so they’ve been broken down into sub-story arcs and placed around a 5 year timeline that will be finalized once they are complete.


Arc 3 story roster, timeline, and story snyopses will be up by tomorrow



Arc 3: Battle for Nexus

Arc 3 spans across five years in an event of escalating conflict between the Nexus and the Oryx Militia that would become known as the Battle For Nexus

Year One


Skirmishes between the Nexus and Oryx Militia grow ever more frequent with increasing intensity. Rumors spread throughout the Nexus of possible escalation in the eternal war, perhaps even the possibility of Militia invasion of the Nexus territories. These fears are soon realized as the Militia begin a new campaign in a final push to destroy the Nexus once and for all.

Stories collected under Year One:

  • Through Enemy Eyes
  • Dawn
  • Unrest in Astoria
  • First Battle of Astoria
  • Daybreak
  • Fall

Year Two


The Battle for Nexus rages on into its second year after a year of successful resistance against Militia incursion. However, General Akar has now taken command over the Militia military, launching precise, crippling offensives against key Nexus territories as they begin to crumble under his unrelenting hand.

Stories collected under Year Two:

  • Determination
  • Family Time
  • Legend
  • Devotion
  • Guilt
  • TBA
  • TBA

Year 3


General Akar’s forces continue to slowly breach their way through the Nexus territories. Unsatisfied with the pacing of the invasion, the Mad God has commissioned a new group of Special Forces, the Red Fury, as well as the authorization of new research and development projects intended to shake up the balance of power. Elsewhere, the aftershocks of the war continue to reverberate across parts of the realm that had been untouched, with criminals and pirates taking advantage of the power vacuum to operate more freely without obstruction.

Stories Collected under Year 3:

  • Loss
  • Hunted
  • The Call
  • Vengeance
  • Paths we Choose

Year 4


The Oryx Militia have begun new devastating campaigns, intent on splitting Nexus forces far and wide as they prepare for a final push against the capital. Chancellor Dammah has authorized Operation Luminous, a two part campaign promised to restore light and order to the dark, forsaken lands of the realm. On the other side, General Akar has begun the Outskirt Sieges, orchestrating simultaneous attacks across countless villages and cities in the Outskirts regions.

Stories collected under Arc 4:

Shadows of Stygian


Hot, humid, muddy. These words best described the conditions of Stygian Valley, a dense and inhospitable swamp inhabited by the Night Elves. Acting under rumors of a coalition between the Nexus and the Night Elves, Chancellor Dammah has orchestrated an operation to destroy the coalition before it can take root, dubbed ‘Operation Luminous’. The operation would become known by the members of the Militia as the ‘Stygian Campaign’, the longest and bloodiest campaign in the entire Battle for Nexus. What was originally expected to be a week long offensive against a handful of ‘primitive natives’ soon quickly descended into a year of hardship and pain as the soldiers found themselves contending with giant nocturnal predators, flesh eating diseases, and nightmares beyond their imagination as they fought against an unfamiliar enemy in an unfamiliar and inhospitable environment. Even years after the brutal campaign, the shadows of the past continue to haunt the survivors.

  • Loyalty
  • The Hidden Enemy
  • Broken
  • Blindness
  • Realizations
  • Remnant

There Be Monsters


At the conclusion of the Stygian Campaign in November 2077, reports have spread across the realm of paranormal activities and a rash of deaths with unexplainable reasons. As madness spreads across the realm, investigators collect mixed reports and descriptions of the creature(s), some reporting a a twisted and deformed humanoid, its limbs seemingly deformed beyond reason. Others report sightings of a blob like entity that seemed to distort reality as it soared through the skies. And yet, another report speaks of a being they only refer to as, ‘The Grinning Man.’

  • Awakenings
  • TBA
  • Horizon
  • Abyss

Outskirt Sieges


Led by General Akar, the Oryx Militia launch a massive offensive against the Nexus territories in the far off Outskirt Regions. Pushed to the brink, Outskirt villages plead for help, a cry answered by Nexus leadership as they dispatch their generals far and wide in an attempt to counter these overwhelming assaults. Spread far and wide, the thought of reinforcement is all but lost as Nexus forces desperately take a stand against Akar’s overwhelming assault, unaware that that is exactly what he wants.

  • Rhea’s Reality Rift Part I: Strange New World
  • Mercy
  • Ashes of the 124th
  • TBA
  • Midnight
  • Final Battle of Astoria

Year 5

No synopsis because that would involve spoilers for the last story arc.

Stories collected under Year 5:


Commissioned from @Sataru


Those 2 Ninjas… can rekt bunch of Samurai???


Yes because they are The Order

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Illustrated by @Charizard

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