[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


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Meet Bob

Illustrated by @PhantomMod


“Sorry we’re late but, GOOD LORD! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE?!”
Age (In Debut): 21
Age (Latest appearance): 39
Gear (Latest appearance): Sword of the Colossus; Shield of Ogmur (Painted); Colossal Shield (Painted)
Abilities: Enhanced Durability and strength.

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

“Aurora borealis?”


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A cold wind blows across the realm as the entrance to a mysterious temple is unearthed. Ten years after The Adventure Begins, Christine and Bob find themselves in the journey of a lifetime as they seek what treasure lies within the temple’s walls.

But what lurks within, awaiting the arrival of, The Second Crusade


My American brain be looking at this like, “how the crap he releasing this on the 30th month, that doesn’t even exist”


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Potato Knish White Witch Version 2
Illustrated by @Yesbutno


I have no clue how to draw green flames, sorry. Probably should have kept it simple like Campfires.



Meet Niegil


Illustrated by @Campfires


Death noise
Age (In Debut): Unknown
Age (Latest appearance): Expired
Gear (Latest appearance): Custom made, hand crafted coffin made from exquisite mahogany wood inlaid with gold leaf and stuffed with genuine alligator leather; A beautiful granite headstone, with a custom engraved plaque, that was hand carved by the most skilled stone mason in the realm.
Phoenix Rejuvenation (Passive ability): Guaranteed resurrection upon death
Glass Bones and Paper Skin (Passive ability): Will die after a single blow to any part of his body.

Side note, character reference list on post 2 has been updated for upcoming character references.


Make the grave a rainbow


Sad Niegil noises



@Lily Version 2

Illustrated by @PhantomMod

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta