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Fighting with high heels :eyes:


You’re the actual legend…



It is time to lift the veil on The Order

“Crimson Man”

Top, Battle Armor; Illustrated by @Yesbutno
Bottom, Officer Armor; illustrated by @Squeakwee


“Whomever has the knowledge regarding this item, step forward. Or you will all face summary execution.”
Age (In Debut): 35
Age (Latest Appearance): 35
Gear (Latest Appearance): Hellfire broadsword, Tormentor’s Chainmail, Sacrilege Seal (emblazoned on custom shield), Horned Ring
Leader Shout (Active ability): Gives all nearby Order members berserk, damaging, and armored
Tormentor’s Chainmail (Passive ability): Shock absorbing chainmail grants immunity to stun + 100% return damage from melee attacks.


Meet Phantommod

Illustrated by @PhantomMod


“Don’t mess with Mother Nature!”

Age (In Debut): 21
Age (Latest appearance): 40
Gear (Latest appearance): Modified Spirit Staff (Doubles as a spear for physical combat); Tablet of the King’s Avatar
Nature Manipulation: Including, but not limited to, controlling plant life, summoning butterflies (Similar to bee helm), and ground manipulation
Screaming 'MISTER BONES!?!?!?!?!?!"
Making this expression: image
Immune to poison

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta


“Cobalt Woman”


Top illustrated by @YesButNo
bottom illustrated by @Squeakwee

“Get over here! We’re not done yet! You’ll die like the rat you are!; Being a member of the Order taught me that no setback is too great.”
“He is searching for something. Something very precious to the Order.”

Cruella (de Vil)

Age (In Debut): 43
Age (Latest Appearance): 43
Gear (Latest Appearance): Wand of Shadow; Cruella’s Grimoire (pocket notebook containing spells from Tome of Holy Protection, Tome of Pain, Necronomicon, Tome of Purification, and Tome of Holy Furor; spells can be combined); Double Bladed Gaseous Glaive
Torture and Interrogation Specialist
Bleed Adversaries! (Active ability): All attacks inflict bleeding upon targets
Amazon Physique (Passive Ability); Towering at over 6 feet tall, Cruella possesses significantly enhanced strength, durability, agility,and regenerating abilities thanks to her physiology.




Ok, come on, anyone who hasn’t read homestuck doesn’t stand a chance of understanding why Vriska’s here.


Hah yes, idk what homestuck is . _.

The only thing I know about it is that there’s one or multiple characters with orange horns and yellow eyes. As soon as I see a character that has both of those traits, bam, must be from homestuck. I’ve seen them everywhere, idk who they are, I just know where they come from . w.


don’t know whether explaining would help or confuse you more to be honest lol


That’s not important - what matters is that it’s Vriska now

The General Chat Thread

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i have read homestuck and i want to keep this as a secret club thing since noone seems to understand.
dont explain anything!

The General Chat Thread




Illustrated by T. Rex.


(Yes, we are delayed another month)


Hey, at least it’s not off by half a year like Potato.tf’s events XD


Why are you delayed huh! YOU SAID IT WOULD BE OUT Jk this is a tease Idc



Statement from T. Rex, illustrator for Issues 1-3




the text is so small…