[ROTMG Comic] The Realm



“Wizard Supreme”

Illustrated by @YesButNo


“We back in business?”

Age (In Debut): 27
Age (Latest Appearance): 37
Gear (Latest Appearance): Various spells (all memorized; specific preference for defensive ones)
Pizza Manipulation and Generation (Active ability): Can spontaneously generate and manipulate pizza; can manipulate any foodstuff that is considered pizza, let it be breakfast pizza, sushi pizza, or dessert pizza. If its considered pizza, he can manipulate it.
Wizard Supreme (Passive ability) 0 MP cost for magic based powers + can create portals and foresee future events.

Additionally, @Orsome has been re-instated as the illustrator for Rhea’s Reality Rift.


Dr. Strange??/





Soiree one shot has been cancelled; Squeakwee’s one shot is now named, Union, and it will be pushed for release.


bump to not let it close


IN 5 Days…

Prepare yourself…

This isn’t the Realm you thought you knew…


you said the comic would be uploaded starting “next week” back in october

I remain skeptical




I understand your plight, but



I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately having issues with the artist, despite asking a week in advance for him to send me the files on the 14th. Apparently there was a freak snowstorm and he doesn’t have power at his house for the last few days.
Comic will begin next week, hopefully, and the first installment will be released entirely rather than serially as planned.


I just want to see my character.


You’ll have to wait on YesButNo then. At least it coming later means he’ll focus on quality not quantity.


That will take more than a month because school is being mean to me. Right now I’m almost done with the references for the Insurgents, but you and your posse will have to wait

At least you can see [spoiler], who is named after you


Well, while we wait for T.Rex to respond to my messages, enjoy these new character artworks, illustrated by @phantommod!

Christine Volantes

“Its not our way; its their’s. Will the future of the Nexus be one of honor, or cowardice? The choice is your’s.”

New Equipment: Stinging Needles

Spoilers Ahead

Meghan Praemetuens, Champion of Oryx

“Please Miss Praementuens. I want to go back; I want my mother.”
“The world is hard, the world is mean. Its hard to keep your conscience clean.”
“Please, you’re hurting me.”
“The sea is calm, the sea is gray; it washes everything away.”
“I can’t swim!”
“Oh don’t worry, it’ll soon be over. And you won’t feel a thing! Sink into the deep, blue and cool, and kind. Then drift off to sleep…let the past unwind…leave the hurt behind.”
-@Darkawaiii struggling against Meghan

Also, @YesButNo Divineoryx’s character is under the Insurgents banner.

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

wait waht


Sad insurgent noises


10/21/19 release date

1/21/20 Today

3 months later still nothing



Pm me on discord if you want to know what happened to the artist; I was notified yesterday.


I can’t. Grounded from discord.


Hmm, i’m in the nexus security forces. Seems ok.