[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


RC-05: Green Mask
Does that make me?
RC-06: <Insert a color here’>


it makes you RC-06: nerd


Then why am I failing one of my classes?
Just realized this lol
@YesButNo I like your name Betsy

Im also double casted due to the fact I am boy not girl

Image result for fat gamer guy

Thats me Glawi confirmed it


Well it was that or Bony Hardwhitecowloinfat


Can confirm was in group chat


We have intercepted an encrypted Oryx Militia transmission

Beginning decoding process, please stand by…

This is Knight of Oryx 8133 reporting. My Squadron and I…Something is wrong…strange portal out of nowhere…mysterio…gures…whe…we are…eed ba…up!..I repeat…We…Village of…Igchen…Who are…strangers?! Transmitting files bef…

Error; shutting down…


We have identified the girl in the last image

Divine, the Exceptional Girl

Age: 17
Hometown: Astoria, the PPE District
Further details classified under Order 17-H

Something is coming…

Rhea’s Reality Rift Part I: Strange New World

Art credits: @YesButNo

[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate

I want to give more than one like lol


Also, for anyone asking why the comic isn’t up yet still, I regret to inform that Artist T.Rex was hit by a car last week, on the 15th of January, and was comatose up until Monday the 20th. Despite "Organ trauma, multiple fractures and dislocations, and possibly brain damage’, he is expected to be discharged from the hospital this weekend, and the comic should be ready by next week.




thank you sir the combined artwork took more than 8 hours


holy fuck dude, fate doesn’t want us to read that comic


Might as well make a comic about the struggle to release this one.



@YesButNo remind me next time you’re online to give you all of my life pots , but for no real reason because we don’t know who these characters are yet.


i permanently quit the game btw

do u play mein kampf (minecraft)


I won’t derail this thread but yes
usually not vanilla though


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The Realm

Issue 1: The Second Crusade


cat demands that more pages be posted

please we’ve waited long enough


we’ve gotta wait another 3 months


wilhuff has to wait on someone else to send him the pages though so unfortunately it’s not up to him when they’ll release