[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


Yep, I second this x)

God that’s a beautiful night sky. I’ve a soft spot for that, hope to see more of the comic soon enough


The Second Crusade

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Page 2



After much discussion, it has been mutually agreed upon that Artist T.Rex will be leaving the project and will no longer be illustrating Issues 2 and 3. This came about after discussing his numerous delays on his self imposed deadlines and his decision to stretch Issue 1, The Second Crusade, over months along with his desire to refocus on his education after his near death experience in a traffic accident a few weeks ago. His replacement on Issues 2 and 3 will hopefully be announced soon.

Btw, his one shot, Vis Major, is cancelled.


That comic will never be released at this point.


y u so pessimistic


To clarify, I said he’s leaving Issues 2 and 3. Issue 1 will still continue as scheduled.


but for real, can’t wait for it when it comes about, just figured I’d return the favor of thread ninja’ing


chill both are chads



T.Rex has quit the project. Second Crusade will be pushed back; @Phantommod’s issues, starting with Duality, will be pushed for production. Duality has no connection to issues 1-3, and as such there should be no problems with it being released first. Duality will begin sometime from Mid-March to April 2020.

Furthermore, there will be an option to donate money to Artist @PhantomMod if you wish to help support the comic; 100% of the donations will go directly to Phantommod through his to be posted paypal donation link.


I mean I am f2p so you can expect how much of a contribution of the donations I will give.


t rex more like t REEEEEEEEEx


apparently im the artist for first issue now so yee





Me waiting to see any update about The Realm


Me pointing to announcment saying mid March to April




Ngl Im starting to doubt it will ever come out.

Its like waiting for another squeal to shrek. smh


March 6th is not mid march


It is if you die in the zombie apocalypse on March 12th. Prepare the salsa.