[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


I have my spot in the cabin right? Cats like me and thats very important


Give YesButNo time, he started legit about a month or two ago. That’s impressive work for a hand drawn comic if he finishes even by April.


YES I KNOW can you guys take a joke like bruh


AFAIK so cant you


Your joke sucks mate.


first page inked bois. Not going to school cuz if i get coronavirus, my dad, who is a smoker, will die

so lots more time to work on comics. Will ramp up production when google doodle contest is over



@Wilhuff and @YesButNo Bring you

THE REALM: Second Crusade

Artist’s note: Yes, I am going to include JoJo references. Sorry about the slight change in art style, unlike the previous artist I can’t even begin to promise hundreds of pages of detailed comic. I guess me illustrating this comic will make me a lot more active on the Forums, so yeeaaaaaaaa. Hope you guys enjoy, you really deserved it after the long wait!


That dorime in the udl tho



Everyone, round of applause. :clap:


We’ve waited long enough, we should be able to wait enough for you to take your time. We’re already at like 3 other comics that are stagnating anyway. Will be setting to Watching in the meantime, almost missed this update as it is.

<smallalso if you somehow get back into the game possible chance I’m disbanding the guild and requesting a transfer but I’m probably burnt out until next big event/unity anyway

Also don’t forget your Full Comic Layout


Thanks lmao. I will most likely be returning on unity, but idk cuz smp minecraft is taking up a lot of time