[ROTMG Comic] The Realm


Give YesButNo time, he started legit about a month or two ago. That’s impressive work for a hand drawn comic if he finishes even by April.


YES I KNOW can you guys take a joke like bruh


AFAIK so cant you


Your joke sucks mate.


first page inked bois. Not going to school cuz if i get coronavirus, my dad, who is a smoker, will die

so lots more time to work on comics. Will ramp up production when google doodle contest is over



@Wilhuff and @YesButNo Bring you

THE REALM: Second Crusade

Artist’s note: Yes, I am going to include JoJo references. Sorry about the slight change in art style, unlike the previous artist I can’t even begin to promise hundreds of pages of detailed comic. I guess me illustrating this comic will make me a lot more active on the Forums, so yeeaaaaaaaa. Hope you guys enjoy, you really deserved it after the long wait!


That dorime in the udl tho



Everyone, round of applause. :clap:


We’ve waited long enough, we should be able to wait enough for you to take your time. We’re already at like 3 other comics that are stagnating anyway. Will be setting to Watching in the meantime, almost missed this update as it is.

<smallalso if you somehow get back into the game possible chance I’m disbanding the guild and requesting a transfer but I’m probably burnt out until next big event/unity anyway

Also don’t forget your Full Comic Layout


Thanks lmao. I will most likely be returning on unity, but idk cuz smp minecraft is taking up a lot of time

The Second Crusade (rest of comic)

Author's notes

Illustrator's notes


homework zoomer meeting hell

comic postponed

i am rip


While we await the highly anticipated next installment of The Second Crusade, we’ll be rolling out some more character references from @PhantomMod.

The Order soldiers are an elite branch of Nexus soldiers that serve the Order of King Solomon. With enhanced armor and combat training, they are more than a match for most Oryx Militia.

If you would like to support @PhantomMod, donate to the paypal link below:

PhantomMod's Art Fiesta

@Lily Outfit Variant 2 Concept: Outland Outfit

Strong, elegant, and noble…with a hint of sadistic tendencies mixed in. Cross her at your own risk.

Illustrated by @GammaGamer


Thunder Punisher Concept.

A specialized division of the Oryx Militia’s Red Fury Battalion, the Thunder Punishers are equipped with jetpacks, specialized light weight armor, and grenade launchers. The units were specifically created to deal with the problematic threat of flying adventurers such as Phantommod.

Illustrated by @GammaGamer


This is the way.


Is it out yet?


Getting there; say do you have discord?




Unfortunate; won’t be able to discuss your character arc then.

On an unrelated note

  • Continue the illustrations
  • Release stories with limited illustration

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Issue 1 and 4-7 will be for sure illustrated.