[ROTMG Comic] The Realm




@yesbutno I miss you :<



Currently having difficulties securing an artist for Arcs 2 and beyond so after Arc 1, the rest will most likely be released as stories and maybe comics later.

Currently working on Arc 3 Story Supplements and timeline; Arcs 4 and 5 are planned.

Additionally, due to major expenses that I will be incurring as a result of hiring new artists, there will most likely be a patreon page or something to fund that expense, as so far its all coming out of my own pocket for everyone here to enjoy for free.



@Piggiesfar Character Concept illustrated by @GammaGamer

“Surrender, Spud, or you will become my next test subject!” - Piggiesfar threatening Sir Spud
“BREATHE FIRE MY MEGA ROTOTOS!!! BREAAAAATTTTEEEEEE!!!”- Piggiesfar enthusiastically unleashing the Mega Rototos


Age: 32
Gear: Heavily modified Staff of Vital Unity; Orb of Conflict; Exo-Suit (not pictured)

Founder and CEO of Robototo Corp, Piggiesfar and her company utilize scavenged alien technology to create advanced weaponry and technologies for the highest bidder. Perky, cheerful, and enthusiastic, this businesswoman has a hidden dark side, one you would rather not be on the receiving end of…



It is with great sorrow I announce the departure of Yesbutno and Orsome from the project, the former due to real life constraints, and the latter because he’s ‘inconsistent.’ Issues 1-3 will be released as stories starting as early as this week; Issues 4-7 by Phantommod will be continued to be made after his final 2 character references.

So what does this mean going forward? I have found potential artist replacements, but their fees are very high, and I don’t feel its fair to me to be paying for illustrations entirely out of my pocket, as I’m writing for the comic and I’m not making a single penny off of the comic. So, if you would like for illustrations to continue going forward, I will be starting a patreon page to help cover the illustration expenses. Stories will be released first going forward, with illustrations being released whenever funding is accumulated.


you know, at this point it seems like it’d be faster to just draw the whole thing yourself


Get ready for worse than Orsome level art!!

I am a writer Xaklor, not an artist. I can’t even draw if I wanted to due to ahh…genetic problems.


so to me it seems like you got 2 options @Wilhuff
either continue and possibly make the effort not worth it (or it was worth it) or
quit and be done with it and possibly someone else will continue where you left off (worst case scenario no one does and the potential is gone). which are you gonna choose. then again i’m not expert on being a comic developer(?). also

hmm what genetic problems


Either he means his hand is not good enough to draw accurately, either he means he can’t draw because he don’t have the “drawing gene”.


Or Color Blindness. That’s pretty genetic. Though unless disclosed, we’re all just speculatin


To clarify me quitting is entirely on me, as I just don’t feel like I could handle drawing a comic with how long it takes me to do the little character refs (of which I’ve only done… two) and I’ve practically given up on two refs that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

  • Release issues 1-3 uncut and raw
  • Release issues 1-3 polished and refined.

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We waited 8 months. We can wait a bit longer…


Polished and refined means complete overhaul of issues 1-3.


Better start on a good road huh


If patience is a virtue, I am without virtue


proceeds to stand alone in the wind because everyone else wants Wilhuff to do the thing all over again


Whichever option is easiest on your own sanity; if you want to overhaul them, go for it, but don’t break your back over it.


I will release issues 1-3 as both ‘uncut and raw’ and ‘updated’ versions; they will be indicated as such on the documents. Going to start around Wednesday after I finish up Crimson Visions. There will be a timeline released for the Battle for Nexus arc, which will then be broken up into smaller sub-arcs.


The Court of Oryx

The ruling council that dictates the actions of the Oryx Militia, the mysterious Court of Oryx comprises of 10 individuals of extraordinary power, earning them the respect of Oryx, the Mad God. Headquartered on The Island, the Court of Oryx convene once a week, usually in person or via Zoom, to discuss important ruling matters.

Illustrated by @gammagamer

Top row from left: Xolotl the Lighting God; Treasurer Gemsbok; Oryx the Mad God; Chancellor Dammah; Mizumi, Oryx’s Hand.
Bottom row from Left: Shaitan the Advisor, Archbishop Leucoryx; Craig; Lord Ruthven; Akar, General of the Army.

Mizumi, the Hand of Oryx:

Oryx’s right hand woman, even the Court of Oryx fears her. Rescued as a child from a life of poverty and misery from the city of Penzance, Mizumi is now Oryx’s most powerful and loyal confident. A master of nearly every form of combat, she oversees the training of new militia recruits while simultaneously leading Oryx’s personal, elite division, the Red Fury

General of the Army, Akar:

With a brilliant tactical mind and superb military strategies that kept Militia casualties at near zero, Akar swiftly rose through the ranks of the Oryx Militia, being promoted to general in a matter of weeks after his major victory over the Nexus held city of Astoria. Many more promotions and accolades from the Mad God would follow with Akar receiving a promotion to General of the Army and given a seat on the Court of Oryx after the sudden, and unexpected, retirement of his predecessor, Beisa. Now in command of the powerful 124th Division, the Nexus would be wise not to underestimate Akar’s tactics, for he will surely lead the Militia to their glorious victory against the Nexus Insurgents once and for all!

Former Members:

General Beisa (retired); replaced by Akar
The Puppet Master; replaced by Craig
Royal Cnidarian; replaced by Lord Ruthven