[ROTMG Comic] The Red Wagon

Info on why I made this thread...

Inspired by the Craig drawings I made! I know some of you are probably wondering why I’m cluttering this forum with yet another art-related thread. My answer is simple: Keepers of the Nexus takes too long. So while I’m working on grinding out more pages slowly but surely, I also want to entertain everyone on the side with a simple comic strip called “The Red Wagon.” I’m going to avoid making any promises on how fast updates will come out (since I always break them), but rest assured that it will be MUCH faster than KotN. Why, you ask? Because each panel will contain the same drawing over and over again. The only things differing will be character expressions and speeches. Think of it as a very amateur Sunday strip that comes out a bit more frequently!


Oryx the Mad God and Craig, his little adopted son, are on a vacation trip. On their way to a yet unspecified destination, the grim warrior and the innocent child have an interesting conversation about life, death, and everything in between.

Here are the first few panels!

:arrow_down: Other updates will take place below as replies :arrow_down:

Campfires Art Thread!

Yes! I absolutely adore this comic and cute and funny little Craig! Yes!

Pages 6-11


Yes very adorable​:joy:just don’t make him too adorable. Omg that is practically every relationship, and that’s practically every parents answer​:joy::joy:


“Women find ways dad” LOL IM DEAD


Is this the Duck Amuck of ROTMG comics?
wish I thought of it sooner


no it’s Dinosaur Comics


really cute but isnt it better to upload the whole comic at once, don’t you think the newer pages might get lost in the thread burried beneath the other replies?

Just an idea. c:


I’ll make a website where all of the pages are stored. Never fear c:

Pages 12-19

Oh look it's missing a panel. Do I care?



Ok this is just too funny!:joy::joy::joy:was not expecting “you go to the store, you buy some more! 1000 bottles of beer on the wall!”:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


craig is a god


I just noticed how close this is to the Mandalorian.



Pages 20-24


I agree. I seem to remember mentioning this when O3 started becoming a thing but this whole divine ultimate power holy wrath thing seems wildly out of character for oryx, who is essentially a raging drunk with anger management issues.


Jelly!? Excuse me, Craig is not made out of jelly? He and his native brethren are cosmic beings formed of plasma, warping through the realities as younglings for fun, mind you, and you have the audacity to claim them to bear the physical semblance of a mere cube!? The audacity!

Also, Oryx will always bee a grown shepard boy in my mind…*sniff

(I like it, Gamma! Keep it up!)


Yeah, I thought so, too! Reason I made him jelly-like is because of a conversation a few weeks back, and I thought it’d add to the cutesy theme!


they’re made of soda obviously, that’s why they’re called sprites