RotMG Dating Sim Thread


If you really want to make one I can’t really stop you from doing it. I have no experience with choice script, and would rather work on comics. So it’s probably better if you did it.

However I have one condition, you’d have to create your own characters for the sim. I plan on using most of mine for the comic and don’t want problems regarding theft.

That’s about it

Also why the hell would I care about your rank in game? I’m not an elitist and this is a creative thread


Alright, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try my best - but is using the same classes (not characters) okay? Good luck with your comic!

btw how do you make small text?

EDIT: are you posting the comic here as well? I’d love to read it.


Can I please use this for a choicscript version? Sounds hilarious.


Go for it. xd


Thanks lol


Yeah sure, use whatever classes you want. And thank you, the link to the thread is here if you want to read it, I update it occasionally.

The command for small text is < small> < /small> without the spaces. It stacks as well to make smaller text




Thank you :slight_smile:


Okay everyone, as you may have read I’m trying to make a CS version of this but with different characters. Sorry, but could y’all please give me some suggestions? :wink:


priest. Always wants to do things for others


Huntress. Yandere.


Yo I can hook you up, I guess.


I would’ve gone with Tsundere.


Got it sir


Making another tsundere


Also changing the MC’s class to ninja - it’s the player who wants to go slow now XD

with that in mind, I’ll make the wizard a tsundere.


When you willingly name yourself Oalei :face_vomiting:

But really, the project is well underway. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:



Oalei? nah, go with Laen


Fan art is good but a dating sim…