Rotmg Exalt Connection Forcibly Closed


Hello, I just played yesterday and haven’t had any issues with exalt overall except from time to time there’s some delays but runs smoothly mainly but I tried to login and says the connection was forcibly closed and to try again. I have looked online and videos on how to fix this but only on windows I’m currently using a Mac for the time being and can’t seem to play again, any help ?


The last 2 days their is a hacker giving the servers a hard time

context: hacker - YouTube

this might be the cause of your problem.


I can confirm this. I have been somewhat immune to their attacks, but I was watching them disconnect a couple hundred players at a time yesterday and the day before.


Thank you for the information about that I was unaware of it and also did noticed after I posted this it said on realm eye there were issues with some servers, I can confirm I’m back in and playing.


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