Rotmg Graphics Quality


A couple days ago I was playing Terraria (more specifically tmodloader) and logged onto realm to claim my calendar reward and had noticed most items had outlines and my games graphics quality had dropped a bit. While this isn’t very impactful on anything it does get rather annoying and bother me quite a bit when trying to play. I asked about it on discord and someone had said their friend had the same issue but after playing tf2. I play on steam and assumed this strangers friend does as well, I’ve tried many things to no avail. That includes restarting my game, pc, deleting and updating to the current build again, completely deleting off steam, changing my in game resolution and changing it back to normal, and switching servers, characters and instances (it was worth a shot sometimes games are dumb). Just wanted to see if anyone has come across this issue before and if anyone has a solution for it. On the image I would recommend looking at my hp numbers to get a better idea of the quality.


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