Bit of topic, but I think a sequel to RotMG could have the protential to be good if it relies on the original vision for inspiriation together with almost a decade of hindsight. Even after exalt Realm still feels really hindered by its age, and a fresh start would open up alot of design possibilities. I personally just don’t have faith in DECA that they can make a worthy RotMG sequel, or if they will ever need to make one, but its fun to think about.





I think I can answer to your concerns, hopes and dreams.

Have you ever heard of Beneath the Nexus and Darza’s Dominion?


I’ve never understood this argument to be honest. Why does it matter if someone uses autonexus in a non pvp game? Sure it makes their game experience less fun but that doesn’t affect the people who do not use autonexus in any way as it’s not a competitive game.
The only hack that affects other players is duping which only ruins the economy and trading aspect of the game


I am absolutely aware that RotMG is a PvE game (with certain mechanics that can get abused for PvP).

Autonexus for example, while it does not affect others Realmers directly, it does indeed invalidate the perma-death aspect of the game (not including some unfair insta-pop mechanics namely Murderous Megamoth’s lunge).

I am not saying we should lose our characters (because we all want to keep them alive long and safe), as even the BEST Realmers will take fatalities somehow.

Duping is another issue as it is rather very difficult to eradicate and should not be focused immediately.


autonexus isn’t the only cheat out there.

stuff like clipping through walls, hitting the boss across the map, and being able to rush insanely fast ruins the aspect of group play.

seeing someone opt out of o3 by clipping outside the arena, increasing the hp pool, seeing o2 losing hp as you rush to him just because of someone having distance hacks, and discords getting world records or buffing their runs with cheats incentivizes more players to use these cheats, and overall sucks


They are both insanely uncommon hacks and currently private meaning they are barely ever used.


How does that affect my game experience?
If someone never dies why does that matter to me?


Autonexus upsets the game balance. When enough people use autonexus it seems like enemies and dungeons are not challenging enough. causing developers either to up the difficulty or reduce the rewards to rebalance things. This harms the players who weren’t cheating, as they just see that part of the game become harder or less generous for seemingly no reason.


I’ve seen a good answer on this forums somewhere. Can’t remember where so I’ll reiterate it as best I can. Put yourself in the shoes of an autonexuser. You play, but don’t need to worry about dying. Clearly, you are going to play more recklessly because you don’t lose equipment on “death” - you just get sent to nexus instead.

So far there’s no problem, right? Except they aren’t playing solo. Those times they mess up a dungeon run, drag a bunch of mobs round rooms in an attempt to escape them? It affect other players in that dungeon. It should matter to you because they not dying endangers your own characters. The difference between an autonexuser and a griefer is that an autonexuser doesn’t deliberately mess up your game while a griefer does.

I never was a particularly enthusiastic trader, but something tells me that if theres a noticable number of autonexuser’s going round, the market might start tilting towards their favor? After all, they don’t consume the pots they gain because they already maxed their characters. That ends up messing with the trades you make.

In general, multiplayer PvE games are co-operative. Each player affects the game (mostly in some minor way, shape or form). This indirectly affects each other player playing the game, meaning each exploiter/hacker/troller indirectly effects every other player playing said game.


This is the best point I’ve seen so far however, I think this could be solved if deca communicated with their community


This is a very strong argument however, in game I don’t see this ever happening and I almost only do null runs which is a server crawling with hackers. I would also say this argument only applies to inexperienced players regardless of if they are hacking or not.


Communicated how? Their main comment on hacking is “don’t do it, it’s wrong, you’ll get banned” which I think is all that’s needed. They don’t discuss countermeasures often, mostly as they don’t want to give too much away to hackers.

They could discuss the game more, but they could always do that. And I think they do pretty well now in teasing new features, inviting feedback and testing things out on the test server.


What I’m saying is if deca took more ideas straight from the community itself, the balancing of dungeons wouldn’t be limited to the people that are in direct contact with deca i.e. offline testers. There are many bugs found on testing by players but still put into prod.

Of course the company itself is going to say don’t hack in the game they have created but people being completed isolated from any means of the community because they hack regardless of who they are as a person just feels sad


That’s almost any servers, more than just Null (most servers claims themselves as “hacker-neutral”).


ok :+1:




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