[RotMG] How a Game Developer Let Cheaters Take Over Realm of the Mad God


Hi guys : )

So I have been working on an insane video for the last 2 weeks to try to improve RotMG as a whole by exposing and influencing Deca’s actions in response to hacking

If you’re a fan of the video or/and interesting in a more cheat free RotMG consider sharing this to as many discords as you can

I have a reddit post up with this video so please find it and upvote to spread awareness

[if you don’t mind me hijacking your post, here’s a link to seb’s reddit post. check it out pls. ~Xak]


Thank you for creating this Video!
You are a Legend!


Thanks :slight_smile:


I really hope this becomes visible to everybody, including Deca Games.


Great video!
Looking forward to finding out what you post in 20 days because I personally don’t believe deca will take more action.


Great Video as always can’t believe FinicWTF cheats. Do you know if he still does? Cause he posts lotta youtube


Ebic Video, many reasons why the game player base is declining (Even I quit realm, kind of I guess) To many chest events that aren’t as fun as it used to be, hackers getting unbanned for begging with loads of emails. To many issues not being solved, I don’t see the unity port fixing any of this, but atleast we can hope unity takes out the lag. If not, we pray for Deca trying keep rotmg alive.
Edit: And yes, i am back from the dead


if I’m being completely honest, I actually dislike the irrelevant gameplay clips in the background. they don’t add anything to the video and they’re not what I care about, which is the spoken bits. the clips with the hacked client and the ghost realm trains on the other hand were very useful.

as for what was said though I like that very very much. we’re already trying to get deca do something about it in testing (along with our usual endless complaining about hacks not being taken seriously), so hopefully something comes out of this. dunno if it’ll do anything though, pretty much everything you’ve covered is stuff we’ve already tried explaining to them a billion times. maybe getting even more voices yelling at them would help.

idk who “Z” is but I know exactly who “A” is and I really really wish something would be done about him, along with everyone in max eff and all of the people trying to spread this stuff. the current state of the game is frankly absurd.


Copy paste of my reply from reddit, didn’t think it would get that ammount of traction lol.
@Sebchoof thanks for putting the time and effort to do this

Very indepths, this is actually just sad.

i keep quitting and coming back for a multitude of different reasons like loot for example, the new sts to be exact, deca made the st’s drop rates so horrid that they basically don’t exist. but made them op enough for people to be soo in need of getting them that they blow easy cash on mystery boxes. and unlike kabam where you could exhaust yourself to farm 8 lifes and buy said st. you can’t even buy the new stuff and in almost all cases all the new sts are overpowered and completly trash rare whites or even event whites. lets just take the new paladin st, if you use the sword, armor and ring, and a tiered or a jugg on a warrior, you’ll end up with 135hp, +135mp +42 frekin def (67 while maxed, already trashing candycoated) +4att +5spd. this already outclasses most sets made only with uts (this exactly outclasses a set with a tiered helmet or jugg, candycoated, and the sourcestone, arguably one of the tankiest armors and the best rings in the game which when compared to the previous set, will net you : -25hp. -25mp, -2def, -10dex, -1att and +11spd…lol )even if you use the most rare whites like bracer, breastplate, omni, jugg. and it gets even more freaky where if you switch the fairy plate with a breastplate you’ll end up with 32 def which is fine and puts you at a safe 57 def, but then you end up with an extra 230 hp. completly outclassing deca. so they’re basically selling the most op items in the nexus, it is litteraly selling overpowered UTs in the nexus while giving them nonexistant chances to drop in the game. and of cours you’d argue that people do get sts but… how often? if you check drop threads many people get whites, even rare whites very often. but for sts excluding the lich ones, the drop rate is absolutely horrid. almost nonexistant to the point where one in maybe a thousand players will feel a bit lucky that he got an st… that is absolutely bullshit. i’m not saying sts should be nerfed but i’m saying leave them fairly accessible to players that actually play the game. not only to those that roll mystery boxes in bulk.

Everyone thinks unity will be like a godsend and will fix every problem… but thats like such a marginal chance. and unity does have a pool of anti hacking tools, but this still won’t stop hackers, and its such a bad choice to absolutely let bugs, hacks, cash grabs and such unethical behaviours run rampage with the excuse of “putting most effort into unity”.

For feedback for example, they almost never take feedback, hell even the community itself rejects feedback unless its something that interfers with discord runs or keys during events. i can come up with a list litteraly on the spot. 1-the bees in the nest, why do they keep spawning? the spawner that doesn’t move litteraly spawns them indefinetly and you have to outheal the little bees to kill it. and then after it dies it litteraly keeps shooting out minions every now and then , so you’d think you’re backing up so safery when you get bombareded with these little bees dealing 80 armor piercing damage in quick succession. 2- Oreo, already outclassed by the new shield, and never buffed no matter how many times the community asked for t. 3- cdirk, “BUFFED” my fucking ass. its litteraly the same as an ethirite. the damage change is laughable when you compare the two. 4-sts being litteraly exact replicas of whites, sometimes even better. St bow is a void bow, ethirite is a cdirk and are both outclassed by the ripper, ninja’s st katana trashes most katanas, phantom archer’s armor trashes leafhide and sometimes nil too, most st robes render ut and top tiered robes a nuissance, and the melle st’s almost always outclass most whites except for the collosus sword which thank god still has a marginal edge over the rest. 5-the new dungeon is horrid, the color pallet in the boss room is an eyesore with that blue and white water that just blends with the boss itself instead of being lava or green water like litteraly the rest of the dungeon, and most of the boss’s phases rely on hard healing especially in the before last phase where it circles so fast you can’t use a melle to tank as its too slow, and you can’t use a dagger class as its too weak to heal up. so you just have to rely on a healer or a bulky pet. 6- do i even have to keep going? decaract, they litteraly didn’t give a fuck no matter how many players complained. did they care? hell no. we said put the cloak on oryx and the jade spell on one of the guardians event that is litteraly called “the jade statue” . did they listen? of cours not. why would they? 7-lod rework, absolutely amazing dungeon, but the loot table was litteraly ever slightly changed if at all. it is still not worth the hassle not even one bit. 8-locked core drop rate, so if you missed the chance to get it during the campain you’re basically fucked, i saw a great player waste so many hours. Leroiliche, did around 500 ufos if i’m not mistaken and he didn’t get a single core. hell i’ve seen like 3 screen shots of the core itself so far in the game. how is that fair? we asked for it to be craftable so that people that grind scraps even a 100 scrap for a single locked core would be fair but noooooo. 9-shaitans rework…what the actual fuck is that monstrosity? i’ve yet to see a single one finished, barage of armor piercing shots, and paralyse shots, and fucking lava? and you have nowhere to run to and heal. i get it its a bullet hell but how is it a fair bullet hell if you get bombarded from three diffirent directions with shots that can instantly yeet you to your grave? 10- i really can keep going on and on and it won’t even come close to ending. did we get a second tunnel rat bonus during the fame rework? hell no, did they fix the rock dragon? yea they removed the confuse shots, but then made the dragon walk so randomly that your only choice to do it is to stand on the sidelines and hit it once every now and then till other people take care of it, and now the eyes shoot in the second phase so you can’t even run behind the eye to deal with them, and you can’t run beside them because the fucker will litteraly turn all of a sudden and instaly gun you down. oryx 2 is now even more garbage with the lowered tops drop rate, and the st’s basically don’t exist. katalund’s insta shootgun was overlooked and brushed off like its totally normal, and the dc wasn’t fixed. the arena was only tried once then it got ditched, everything scales now so instead of going into a dungeon to help a weak player, you end up doing double the work. soloing new dungeons is an absolute nightmare, all new content is pro pet only where if you don’t have enough healing you’re better off dead. and event chests have made some dungeons litteraly obsolute till an event chest rolls around, like thickets and cnidarian reefs.

then for hackers, it just makes the game seem pointless, why would i farm this item for over 80 hours while this other guy safely did it in 8. and duped it to the point where its absolutely no sweat when he dies with it. the time most of us spent on realm doesn’t qualify itself at all, litteraly enough time to master an instrument. and this is how we’re treated? by horrid servers, grindy events, nonexistant drop rates, laggy deaths, not a single care for hackers and whites wearing the scoobydoo mask being sold in the nexus … i’ll have my pass now.

enough is enough.

If you value yourself, quit.



Many of you guys are forgetting how notoriously bad Kabam was dealing with cheaters. But I agree, DECA needs to put their foot down in regards to cheaters and really needs to fix their ideas at times regarding new items. Dungeons aren’t bad tho imo.


Point 5 is OPINION, not fact.

Point 6 is ridiculous in my opinion. Just because it’s got the name “jade” in it, it has to drop from the jade statue? Why doesn’t void blade drop from the Void Entity then? It’s got void in it’s name.

Mostly agree with the rest.


Im’ma copy my answer from another post because i’m one lazy boy
It was someone also negating the 5th one, but imo. the arena should behave like how the dragons in the new LOD behave. go in to actually deal damage or go outside to heal up while dodging stray shots.

The new dungeon is fine, the color pallet looks fantastic and the boss is gigantic I don’t know how you could miss him.

I’m not missing the boss, i’m missing the shots most of the time.

Besides it’s an ENDGAME DUNGEON it should rely on having a good healer or good pet

Its a bullet hell, it should be dodge-able resonably 100%. the second part of the phase where the giant head spawns is nearly impossible to dodge fully, and you almost always need some healing or hp pots.

Then that still leaves the before final phase where you either don’t have enough speed or enough tankiness/healing. all i’m saying is that the arena shouldn’t be covered in lava, maybe water that weakens you and slows you down so that you’re able to dodge and heal slowly out of reach of the barage of shots, but on the inside? you’re doomed to die. most caverns are done because there’s enough people to destroy the worm as soon as the before final phase starts, or enough healing power to negate the need for fast reaction where people just circle on the inner part, tanking the shots and healing. that is not “fantastic”

As for 6, that was just an idea, litteraly ask anyone with any knowledge of the decaract and 90% of the time they will agree the whites need to drop ingame. we tried to get a word about it during last year’s motmg, and deca just gave us the shoulder shrug like “…eh” litteraly not a single care. The mad cloak is an amazing cloak and its a shame its hidden behind a broken dungeon that drops during events. the jade spell rivals the new tablet and the shield is a nice change in pace, but yet again, hidden behind a broken dungeon that is almost never run (not to mention the drop rate lol. most of the cloaks, jade spells and clarity shields were obtained during the cdepths chest event)


dang, this is coming down hard on cheaters and deca. the 20 day thing is…


Notoriously bad is an exaggeration. Any evidence of multiboxing or blatant cheating was dealt with by Kabam, it just wasn’t nearly as common as cheating is now.

I know of certain users like mentioned in the video, who have reported people openly following or using very blatant cheats and not banned.


Thanks for putting this out here. Ty for credits too :stuck_out_tongue:


I completely disagree with a number of things you said in the video, especially how permadeath equals high skill ceiling (when it’s the exact opposite) and how hacking is on the rise (pretty sure it’s been stable at “way too high” level for the past 6 years or so).

Nevertheless, I still agree with the main point of the video, that is to say that Deca needs to crack down harder on cheaters.

Yet at the same time, I feel extremely pessimistic about this. Bear in mind that, again, this shit has been going on for years and yet the game is still here. Kabam was already notoriously bad at handing out punishment (and even at the time, a lot of people already thought that whales were getting preferential treatment).

Gonna be hard to convince Deca that handling cheaters poorly has consequences when this game’s entire history indicates that it doesn’t.


Loved the video… Pretty much a commentary on why myself and many others don’t even touch the game.

Edit: this video made me touch the game.


Honestly I think Sebchoof is oversimplifying the issue.

I don’t encourage cheating in anyway.

That said, I truly believe the game suffers from a chicken and egg issue.

Many people have talked for an eternity about the “Helm of Juggernaut” issue.

I only have received 1 Jugg ever. It sits in my vault as a trophy.

If a player dies with items they firmly believe they will never be able to receive again, there is a possibility they will quit the game.

Most recent example is DemonDeath

This is more of an update, but due to the nature of my actions, it’s much more permanent - after losing my archer (ST ninja armor + the ring, Void Bow, tshot, t13 bow, cbow, QoT, a single void quiver short of my dream archer) to the ice sphere from 2nd shatters boss (I shouldn’t have tried to solo), I emptied my vault, released my pets ( all of them ), deleted my chars and suicided my trickster w/o gear to mark the end of a chapter in my life . I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it’s truly not worth the frustration. Playing realm is like playing “getting over it”, but every time you fall down the mountain, you’re presented with a completely new set of obstacles, and you can never actually win - you never learn anything .

However, no rotmg private discord has been created to my knowledge that allows you to keep your character items after you die and simply respawn in nexus.

One must ask the question: Why?

I can only conclude that people actually are willing to accept char death and in fact enjoy char death to some degree provided they have means of rapid progression.

Honestly I have no financial solutions for Deca games. I firmly believe however that a game filled with abundant items and unrestricted UT trading without any duping would be the best way for this game to thrive.

In addition, from watching Sebchoof’s video it is easy to see that Deca games is behind the times in a lot of ways in terms of UI. Options like fullscreen and an ability to hide players should have been present in the game long ago. I can only hope Unity delivers and provides some excellent features.

At any rate, I also feel that there is a general community sense of resentment towards Deca games.

I think Zuzu’s post yesterday was brilliant. It finally gave the community a rough idea of what the “misery” boxes are truly like.

I can easily see people justifying their bad behavior by pointing fingers at Deca, who should have been more transparent about loot drop chances for quite some time now.

It is also my opinion that Deca has been nerfing chest events ever since they were introduced. Transparent loot drop chances would again show whether this is the case or not.

Again, I have no financial solutions for Deca games. However, I feel an ideal game would have clear outlined drop rates for every single item in the game.

i keep quitting and coming back for a multitude of different reasons like loot for example, the new sts to be exact, deca made the st’s drop rates so horrid that they basically don’t exist. but made them op enough for people to be soo in need of getting them that they blow easy cash on mystery boxes.

The immense rarity of ST sets has only encouraged cheating. Again, if a player dies with items they firmly believe they will never be able to receive again, there is a possibility they will quit the game.

Unpopular Opinion on Hackers

I agree with most of the video. Regarding reporting hackers via email, I feel like the DECA employees or whoever responds to the emails don’t really care about the emails and ignore them in a way. I have 3 emails I sent a while ago that show that the people who respond to the email most likely use some sort of template.

Pic of the emails:

Pic showing how the emails are the exact same with different sentence order:

Badly drawn squares show which sentences have similarities to a sentence in another email. And in the end, there are no blank spot, every sentence has a rectangle that shows it is similar to 2 other sentences in the other 2 emails.


wtf jewslicer is in the video :joy:

14:32 xd