[RotMG] How a Game Developer Let Cheaters Take Over Realm of the Mad God


I would also like to point out that Sebchoof is perfectly ok with using duped items.

I feel confident saying most of the decas in the game are duped and unless you see a deca ring from from a fungal crystal shard you have to accept that you’re buying a duped item with in game currency.

So on some level he must be ok with these items knowing they were likely replicated.


I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want the decas to be duped. He only uses them because he is a massive baller™ and needs any extra hp he can get to do his crazy impressive rushes. He shouldn’t be expected to handicap himself among the speed-running community just because he is against duping.


In my personal opinion if he is so against duping he shouldn’t be using them.


Guess no one should trade anything.


Well like I stated before the only items worth trading are the grandfathered unbound skins, old st sets, and decas.

All of them have been duped to high heaven.

My whole point is that he is making the issue very one sided.

And if he really needs those deca rings to do his rushing, he’s actually supporting the my arguments.

The playerbase has turned to illegal activities because they aren’t able to procure them from normal gameplay.

Whether Deca can address the core issues remains to be seen. However, Deca has just been feeding the vicious cycle.

Items get duped - Deca soulbounds - People can’t get the items they want / Fear dying with items the love - They Turn to Hax - Players get upset

To me it seems like the solution would be to put all effort into the elimination of duping and then experiment with slowly removing soulbound from items like tokens and some uts.

In addition all drop rates should be known and either increased event white drop rate or routine 2x event days every month.


Video no longer available?

Ok, after reading some of the comments, I kinda agree on the issues with hacks and stuff, however, RotMG players also should realize that Deca is trying to revive a game, they are also trying to do a unity shift, and that requires a lot of money, so it would make sense for them to add more and more pay to win/play stuff into the game. On the other hand, making profit is Deca’s main objective lol, it’s the same for all game developers, so us gamers need to understand and accept that

If hackers are hacking then sure, but if they are also spending then of course there won’t be too much done about it, at least probably not perma ban, considering that they do support the game financially


Someone filed a copyright claim for using their gameplay, don’t know if we’ll be able to see the video :frowning:


So basically, “the most fun way to play this game is completely unsustainable without duping+throwaway alts”?

Somehow I don’t think you’re making the argument you think you’re making.

Falsely flagging vids is for losers.


Edit: You can watch it again.


Deca just wants money. It’s the first company not banning hackers that I know.
I would prefer realm dead, than being alive with hackers money, tbh.


Well, you can. Seb didn’t censor their name at 19:22 when they opened chat.

I think that together with Uni’s feedback getting tons of votes, this’ll definitely at least make Deca aware that the community is done.


saddest part is that it actually works


Make it happen!




Can someone please post a summary? I spent a minute watching an annoying voice saying nothing over some boring footage, saw there was half an hour of it, and stopped watching. Whatever their point is it surely does not take so long to make.

Whoever made the video, please learn how to edit. Or use some other way of presenting it - like, say a RealmEye forum post. Not only quicker to digest but much easier to reply to.


I mean, at this point, most tradable items are dupped. And some people don’t have better rings, so the only option is buying decas (this is my case, although I am slowly getting pyras and other rings so I can start avoid using decas).


The problem here is that Backpedal is trying to put Sebchoof in a negative light for using “duped” decas here.

So what makes it any different from Backpedal using them vs Sebchoof?


Correction: it works for a time because Youtube is shit at addressing this issue (because it’s typically abused by big corporations and they don’t want to take the little people’s side against them), but ultimately all it does is make the false flagger even more known and despised.

This can’t be repeated enough: anyone who tries to beat the Streisand effect is going to lose. Badly.

Basically, between the organized discords chain-running LH with hacks, the event notifier discords and the dupers, RotMG has a rampant cheating problem that seems to go unaddressed.

Worse, there is disturbing evidence out there that Deca is not just ignoring them but actively taking steps to be more lenient towards them, especially if they are big spenders (what some of you might know as “whales”).

So it wasn’t just me who thought he had a weird intonation. Good to know.

To be completely fair to the guy, he seems like a Twitch streamer first and foremost so it makes sense he wouldn’t be the best at making scripted content.


What evidence? If DECA seem lenient now, it’s only as with the state of the Flash client there’s not much they can do to deal with hackers. They’ve done what they can, but their engineering efforts are going into Unity. Which will render all current hacks obsolete, and make it much harder if not impossible to come up with new ones.


Permabans are being given out, but the people being banned can appeal the ban and they usually get unbanned, no matter what the offense was. This is especially true for anyone with a purple chat name.

There was one guy who reported himself for hacking, crashing, dragging with intent to kill, duping, developing new dupe methods, and supporting this new pro-hack wave that’s going around. He had overwhelming evidence, yet deca expressed strong reluctance to ban him for some unfathomable reason. They even told him they’d remove the ban if he came back and asked nicely.

If that’s not evidence that the cheating problem is being handled poorly, I don’t know what is. Unity efforts have nothing to do with this.