[RotMG] How a Game Developer Let Cheaters Take Over Realm of the Mad God


That’s hardly evidence. “they usually get unbanned” … who are “they”? How many? And “one guy” is not evidence of anything.

First, the examples might be just a small fraction of the bans handed out. Really, without some idea of the number, out of the total number of bans, it’s impossible to draw any conclusion.

Second as DECA AFAIK don’t publish reports, this must be from players who choose to report their success appealing. I doubt they are representative.

Third: I am sure DECA would be criticised if they handed out too many bans or too few. In fact I’ve read far more complaints about bans from players than reports of their success appealing. It could be they are striking a balance.

And Fourth: as with people complaining about “unjust” bans there are always two sides to any story. We don’t get to see the evidence DECA has of any ban, we only see what the player caught cheating chooses to report, which can be incomplete, exaggerated or just plain inaccurate.



Yes i saw that :stuck_out_tongue: but sebchoof has a right to his suspicions but encouraging a witchhunt isn’t good. Sorry bout that xd


So what makes it any different from Backpedal using them vs Sebchoof?

I have looked in the mirror and admitted that I like the ability to save up my ingame resources to buy a deca ring.

I recognize that without duping this would not be possible and there would be no deca rings to buy.

I just have to be completely honest and say I would be upset if I was unable to purchase them.

The big issue with ROTMG is that there is a large amount of blurred lines when it comes to cheating.

First and foremost is the issue of mules. Some people believe that mules are cheating. Whether or not Deca actually bans players is not the issue. The issue is that some people think that using multiple accounts with multiple emails to circumvent vault limitations is underhanded.

Second, the issue of items. If players trade for items that were duped, are they reinforcing duping?
In my opinion, the answer is yes. They are creating a demand for the duped items. Again, whether or not Deca actually bans players is not the issue.

Third, the presence of notification discords. Many people use these discords to crash dungeon pops and also to find key event bosses. Some people view these dungeon reports as cheating. Some people argue that dungeon reporters are necessary for the event grind.

I was not on the hunt for a full core set but I personally believe that you needed to use some sort of dungeon reporting (whether friends or discord notification) to succeed and get a full S tier core set.

Finally, there is the hack client. I think it’s very obvious that this is blatant cheating.

I truly believe people have different opinions about what is cheating. I don’t think anyone would argue the hacked client isn’t cheating, but I could see valid arguments supporting mules, items, and dungeon notification.

My whole point is that workarounds have been a staple in ROTMG and at this point almost every player has benefitted in some way from unintended mechanics.


So you’re supporting duping?


You still failed to answer my question:

So what makes it any different from Backpedal using them vs Sebchoof?

I’ll address your other points but you still need to answer that.

Honestly I don’t think DECA nor anyone else cares on whether or not you have mules, anyone I’ve seen use this as a reason has failed to give any substantial evidence.

Again, what makes it different from you “supporting duping” compared to Sebchoof?

Against ToS

Against ToS


Strictly speaking the mules are against ToS too.

The difference is Sbchoof is denouncing the cheaters.

I 100% agree with banning users of hacked clients.

If all the nexus bots left and the bots that powered the realm trackers disappeared as well that would be great too.

I’m just pointing out that there are a bunch of underlying issues that won’t be solved by banning the hackers or trying to ban the hackers.

I’m also saying that the economy is held up by hackers too and Sebchoof himself would suffer if all the hackers were removed at this exact moment…


I think we have to admit that we’ve all been indirectly supporting the duping process.


Still looking for any evidence of this being stated in the ToS, can you pull me up a sentence or two stating this?

I’m going to rant a little:
I really couldn’t give a fuck about whether or not Sebchoof made a video against hacking. It’s a cool video, and something that’s insanely useful to watch, but in the end, it isn’t any different from him writing it as a Reddit post.
The problem here is that you’re trying to call out Sebchoof for some insanely stupid reason. In the end, him making this video isn’t any different from you saying

I don’t encourage cheating in anyway.

Of course, it’s not word for word, but both messages give the same idea of how cheating is bad or whatever.

tdlr it really doesn’t matter whether or not he made the video denouncing hackers, it’s practically the same thing as you saying “I don’t encourage cheating in any way.”
So again, how does it make you okay to use decas? By your logic, you shouldn’t be using them.

I really haven’t seen you support this at all in this thread, mind elaborating a little?

What evidence do you have of this? Sebchoof is probably decent enough to do Halls relatively efficiently, seeing how he’s rushing in the video/also a RL in SBC, he’s probably more that able to just get UBHPs from his numerous runs.

fuck me i guess that speed pot i bought today supports duping


I really haven’t seen you support this at all in this thread, mind elaborating a little?

Sure, I can try.

As I was pointing out, Demondeath recently quit because he died and became frustrated losing his favorite items.

So we know that people don’t like dying.

But we also know that the private servers still have permadeath mechanics.

So people must be ok with dying provided they have reliable means of item recovery and progression.

What evidence do you have of this?

Well we know for certain that decas would be incredibly rare.

We know that essentially all st sets and all unbound character skins would be incredibly rare.

With this we can conclude that the only items you could trade for would be potions, tops, and t6 rings.

With the current event chest system the only item worth buying would be the ubhp ring.

Ubhp rings are also not incredibly common either. I’ve gotten more void whites than Ubhp rings.

We’d have to see how the market plays out, but I feel confident saying there’s basically nothing to trade for.


Every retard who whines about mules being against ToS forgets that Deca has stated that they don’t ban for mules on reddit.

If you post, do your fucking research.


I’m actually wondering why you need at least 10 stars to open keys and incs, but there’s no star req for the vial of pure darkness. Problem is : How can you do lost halls, cults and voids when you are a 1 star ? When i was at this point, i didn’t even knew what a beholder was…

I don’t really think if you play “correctly” (like playing most classes, not using rwt sites, etc) you can get/use a vial before you’re at least 20 stars. So, what does it means ?

I thought that the star limit was there to avoid duping !.. But if deca didn’t made the star limit on purpose, there must be a reason, no ?


Its there to prevent people from buying keys on alt accounts and charging back the payment



I suspect it’s to deal with credit card fraud.

One of the most damaging forms of fraud for a company to deal with is credit card fraud, such as stolen cards and chargebacks. It’s damaging as not only do they have to deal with the cost of the transaction, but also the disruption of the money getting into the game, at the same time as refunding/not receiving the payment.

If people use their fraudulently bought gold to buy items(from mystery boxes e.g.) , or skins, or vaults, or slots, then those are lost when their account is banned, or suspended until they repay any losses due to fraud. But if they use gold to buy keys then that benefits other players.

So it stops people stealing a credit card, then using it to open a new account, buy gold, and buy loads of keys for them and their friends.




Tbh of all people here denoting hacks, has any of you consider that some people need the hacked clients for lag? Especially during the time of MotMG. Also, don’t forget the fact that experimental menu was a feature derived from hacked clients.


The reason why we call them “hacks” and not “mods” is precisely because these aren’t the only features they have nor the features most cheaters use them for.


imo deca just should leave hackers , if they will ban all of them then decas money source will burn out :wink: there is nothing wrong with cheating, it only helps u make dungeons faster. thats my all opinion about this game


imo nerds who download some client from the internet and make themselves out to be big bad hackers who can’t be touched because they paid money to deca are dumb and there’s plenty wrong with cheating, its not beneficial.



…No ?

It is unprofitable both for you and other players.