[RotMG] How a Game Developer Let Cheaters Take Over Realm of the Mad God


Its typical. if its the usual server they have reset the whole game about 3 times or so.


One way in which I can think of to increase the influence of the video or the message you are trying to convey is for Deca to either do announcements or post it in the game update notes, when Deca announced that Kiddforce started streaming, his stream got over 300 viewers within 10 minutes.

And yeah, I mean what you mentioned is true, very true actually, this game has almost became that you try to obtain an item by just doing shatters or lh over and over again, basically hoping that you roll your dice right and it lands on your loot one day, and the process can be so boring and repetitive to the point where I even start to question wtf am I even doing? Although there are some people who still try to do cool stuff such as duoing/soloing shatters or attempt world record runs, it is, to my observation, that the majority just want loot, regardless of the how. Shatters weren’t meant to be steam rolled with a group of 14 people in an organized run over and over again tbh. While the popular shatters and pub halls discord has made the game very fun as people can finally do them safely and smoothly now, it has also made the game a lot less challenging, and after some time, quite boring. I mean, looking 2 years back when I really enjoyed this game, I actually have tried hard to join good guilds because I wanted to enjoy clean guild shatters and other experiences, but nowadays, hell why even bother looking for a guild when you could literally hop from discord to discord and grind organized raids all day long lol. Guild now is merely a title for most players. At the same time, I do like the organized raids a lot because the discord is a good social space and the RLs are all pretty cool, but they do make the game more boring and soon or later people will start quitting once they feel like it.

I personally don’t understand why RWT like [redacted] are up and still running as I do not believe they make enough to profit. Legit players will never do such deals, most cheaters will not touch it either, as it is a quite more severe offense than using 3rd party programs. And for the people that buys it, we can almost assume that they are hackers, so here is the question: Why would a hacker bother buying decas or life pots for $$$ when they could literally amass the equal quantity in a short period of time? It is however, possible that the cost of running a site like this is very cheap, and that it might be kept up by the same people that makes the hacks…It is that way now, but it has not been that way before.



As the owner of the shats discord, I can clear a few things up for you.
My server is hacker neutral because it is hard to keep a hack free server alive. Would I accept hackers being all banned if it meant my server died? ABSOLUTELY.

For the count, I hate hackers myself and I do my best to have my staff be hack free. Afaik, they are.


Idk if ur looking for suggestions but maybe there could be a random video check for rls (especially for trls) starting while they are in bazaar with the keys and ending when they exit the dungeon.
From what I’ve seen shatters rls seem to be hack free but one of the partnered discords ($100 to anyone who can guess which) that should do this type of rl check.

Theres also another discord thats very hacker friendly ($200 prize for guessers) that I think deca should deal with. Discord does not support breaking of ToS so im sure audio recordings and screenshots would be sufficient evidence to shut that discord down as well as other ToS-breaking discords.


May I ask something about keys? How does the shatters discord do raids almost 24/7, do you have most of your keys supplied from a few people or it’s just everyone who pops a key once in a while?


First one I’m guessing SBC?
And the second one is it max eff?

Lol legit prize?


It’s pub. Lmao most of them do


Imagine hacking an 8-bit game


Im pretty surprised you got the first one wrong (they seem pretty strict about hacking). The comment below you is right

Not a real prize lol, I was saying I thought thenamswer was fairly obvious


I’m sure we have a few people with an exorbitant amount of keys, most runs are provided by people with one or two though I believe.


I really only hack check RLs that I have a reason to suspect. I have a baseline amount of trust for the RLs I promote, it wouldn’t work if i didn’t trust them.




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