RotMG is dying for sure OPINION (Serious/Personal experience)


I started playing RotMG in 2012 at the age of 12. Im now 22 and literally have no desire to play anymore. I have over 115 days in game and been grinding for 7 years in between a few breaks.
The game Is without a doubt in some deep trouble in terms of being dead. My points and reason are -

  • Most of us are older and moved on with life
  • Video games aren’t as entertaining as they used to be
  • RotMG just got boring
  • Many people Don’t have the motivation they did back then

A lot of my friends who I’ve met along playing the game are pretty much finishing college and about to get their degree. Even me and my close friends who showed me the game are pretty much over it all in all. For me I’m currently interested not in video games and even RotMG but more into things outside of my PC. For example I like cars. Car shows, Car meets, washing cars and driving. I’m interested in music and music production. I have a great video (which is not mine) In the description, that I found the over day that talks about my first, and second, and third opinion.

In terms of RotMG as a game, its pretty much close to dead. I don’t mean to insult DECA in anyway possible, however the game itself statistically has been on a decline since DECA bought the game in 2016, except for MotMG. I’m pretty sure this is the last time I’m going to be involved in MotMG 2022 (and by that I mean I will be on for 5 mins a few days of the month). DECA made an extremely bold move to introduce BP’s in the game, which for me and especially my friends who are VERY highly ranked pretty much agree that this update ruined the game for them. Keep in mind my friends have iId say 90% of the BP’s unlocked. Somewhat recently the game has had MANY little updates and to be honest for me I can’t pick on them, I just don’t grind the dungeons and play enough to follow up with these updates anymore. That’s me personally.

Scientifically speaking, RotMG is a 2d/2.5d game, right? Its pretty much 2022 and all the games you see out there that are 2d are on mobile pretty much. With that being said I believe Realm of the Mad God is somewhat outdated. Actually a lot. The new MMO’s to come out this year are so advanced and so well made they look nothing like RotMG. I really don’t know much about newer MMO’s/PC games coming out but its not 2010 anymore. The way computers have evolved and people got much, much smarter in terms of technology. That’s pretty much why Adobe Flash isn’t supported anymore. Flash and AS3 ActionScript language, is done and the alternative is HTML5 (I think, not sure). RotMG may just be somewhat outdated. When Rob and Alex (I think thats what there names are) designed the game in 2009/2010, I’m not all that certain they had big plans for the game, I know they did but RotMG is kind of squeezed dry of its updates, new items, classes etc.

In Late 2021 I have no reason to play anymore. Maybe you will see me online for 3 minutes but otherwise I’m done with the game. I feel like my heart ripped in half there because for 6 - 7 years this game meant so much to me as a kid and teenager. Times have changed, and my adult life is just starting. My points on why RotMG is dying are above. I completely agree that the game is dying if not very close to dead. Comment below if you agree/disagree on these topics, I’d really love to hear back from you guys.
This is not a farewell message as I MIGHT be on 2 days of a month for maybe 2 minutes, so its possible you may see me.

video I found explaining this


L take, this is you just growing up


Even though everyone else is getting older, younger generations enter in. Do you still play tag or hide and seek? Does that mean tag and hide and seek are dying as games?

You are not the standard of whether or not a game is alive


true lol

this part is true, rotmg devs are definitely kind of slow to address all kinds of issues. it always takes a lot of time and a lot of problems (like dupe never being fixed for a decade lol) were never worked on and improved.

however rotmg is just as fun as it was back in the day, maybe less because you need to listen to raid leaders forever, to get good items, but apart from that the core game didn’t change, they just added more content (very slowly but they did).

what’s the BP you’re talking about? i’m out of the loop on recent changes


Definitely going better than during Kabam times


honestly the bit that actually gets me is that you think 2D = outdated. most of my favorite games are 2D on some level, and never once have I thought that hurt the experience. the actual gamplay and game design of any game is always far more important. even on the extreme “bad graphics” end of the spectrum with something like Dwarf Fortress you still have tons of people who appreciate the game itself by its own merits just fine. I firmly believe that “2D = bad game” is a really bad take and it’s a major contributor to the game industry cutting corners in literally every other aspect to pump up the graphics as high as possible. like, I’m not paying for a movie guys, I want a game.

anyway I think rotmg as a game died an extremely long time ago, and it doesn’t look like anything’s really reversed that trend. if anything it’s gotten even worse because of how centralized everything is around O3, even more so than when LH had no real competition. it’s certainly made worse by the fact that the game ran out of reasonable UT niches like 3 or 4 years ago which is why you have so many of them just objectively outclassing everything else.

as a business venture though the numbers are pretty clear on that being stronger than ever. I imagine it’s because rotmg’s hypnotic and addictive allure keeps players like us who are getting sick of it to stick around long enough to sucker in more users before we finally quit, and the cycle just keeps repeating without ever letting the game financially die.

also yeah you’re just growing up. there are some good reasons for thinking rotmg is stale but a lot of these can be more easily explained by you just moving on in your life.


It’s not true. I’m 32 yo and i love this game! This is a great vacation for me. You don’t have to play around the clock and not have other things to do.


those games are dying tho

most kids these days dont go outside cause covid, and/or sit inside and play video games + watch youtube


I see kids outside playing games like tag all the time, regardless of what age of technology we’ve reached, kids are still bundles of energy that can’t sit still all day long


Not to snoop but you haven’t played the game in MONTHS.
Anyway, lets dive into this.

RotMG is a 2d/2.5d game, right? Its pretty much 2022 and all the games you see out there that are 2d are on mobile pretty much. With that being said I believe Realm of the Mad God is somewhat outdated. Actually a lot.

ROTMG is stylistically a 2D game. Why would it need to be anything else? You think all 2D games suddenly need to turn 3D to be relevant and appreciated from a technical standpoint? Well I mean, Risk of Rain did get it done nicely, sure…

But lets consider a multitude of other games that are 2D but have completely shattered the mark - Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve, Noita, Hollow Knight, Terraria, Even fucking Undertale. The developer, Toby Fox, was able to sell more than 1 million copies of that game and has placed itself nicely as one of the most notable modern JRPGs of its decade, probably even for all time too. And it was a 2D game!

ROTMG isn’t “Dead”. There was a whole campaign to port the game from Flash to Unity, and that in itself is a pretty staggering achievement. Think about it. An entire game pushed over from one engine into another. All before the deadline of the expiry date for flash.

Where ROTMG could do better, is investing time in trying to expand its game further and further, which its already trying to do, refine existing content, and have a strong advertising campaign for the game. That’s, all the game really can do.

There are some segments of the game that are letting it down substantially, such as chest events, which feels like the game has become a seasonal grind. “Why would you want to open a bunch of shatters keys this week when there’s a chest event on next week”. Never the less,

There’s no need to try and break a formula that’s working for the game, but refine it into a state where people will remember the game, enjoy it, and come back to it, while ALSO intriguing a new generation of players. The fact the game has stayed relevant until now, over 10 years now, is an arguable success, and the developers clearly have the potential to keep the game running for longer. I really hope they can clear up some of the common issues or unpopular decisions of the game to push it into something that’l see it nicely for time to come.

I started playing RotMG in 2012 at the age of 12. Im now 22 and literally have no desire to play anymore.

And 7 years of religiously grinding a game will do that to you. Even with breaks. I just went off and played some other games and picked up some hobbies to fill that addiction that Realm gave me. Now its more of a thing I can fall back on when I have nothing to do, and I’m glad its sat with me like that now.

Also disclaimer, this is not saying “hurdur you’re a shit person for thinking the game is bad”. You just took a bit of a hot take was all and I personally don’t agree with a lot of it. That being said, big up for saying what you think about the game. Hoping you can find yourself settling nicely into adulthood. :slight_smile:



so youre just not interested in gaming in general. problem solved.


pics or it didnt happen

  1. No games in the world has a steady player growth over 10+ years (people gets bored of playing the game over and over again, shocking…)
  2. People matures and don’t have the luxury to play games when they have to work 24/7 (I was 11 when I first played ROTMG, played games till midnight without a care in the world. Now I’m 21, I have to work 9-5 and would prefer to get an extra sleep over playing games)
  3. You don’t like BP? don’t use it, it’s a choice (I don’t personally use it either)
  4. 3D? 50% of the rotmg player base uses like super-low-budget potato PC and that’s one of the reason they’re playing ROTMG in the first place.


While i agree that the game has improved since Kabam era, as we can see, there’s a sharp drop in active players right now, unsure what’s the cause of it (explanation would be appreciated though).
Also, while i do take long breaks from the game, i still come back eventually, as one person once said:
“You never completelly quit a MMO, you just take breaks”.


This is the truth.

Each phase of life has different challenges and your interests and priorities change as you get older.


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