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Limon is jealous of that rn


Hello everyone,
I here to apologize to everyone who followed me.
I decide to delete “RotMG - Limon the Sprite Goddess” Artwork out, from the reason improper actions in comments on Reddit and more…

Everybody also can comment about artworks in a constructive and appropriate sense.
but I see those comments rather in a way that violates and using inappropriate words, It’s something that make a lot of uneasiness for the creator.

And atlast I decide to delete this Artwork soon.
Thank you.



hold up was my comment inappropriate? Don’t delete your artwork, it’s very good and it would be such a waste if you deleted it. It’s my fault, I was insensitive. I’ll go ahead and delete my comment.


The zoom goddess


farming sprite worlds suck


The artwork is really good, especially the background around Limon, has a surreal and eerie feeling to it, which I wouldn’t have associated with the sprite world. lighting and shading is also supremely done here, though Limon looks more like a starman than her ingame sprite, but it’s 16x16 pixels so I can understand and appreciate artistic liberties taken here.

I mean, you did do art work for a FEmOid, so you are of course gonna get inappropriate comments, but I can definitely understand why you wouldn’t want that sort of attention to it, especially since the art work isn’t supposed to be inherently sexual.

but that’s all from me, and I do hope you keep it up so the rest of the forum can see it, but it’s understandable if you don’t.


Saves it before its deleted? :o


hes deleting the reddit one not this one


(if im not wrong)


oh, well reddit is toxic


Genuinely like the perspective of Limon from chest upwards, I think it’s actually pretty well done. Foreshortening is annoying but it looks so good when pulled off. Downwards though it sorta feels ‘locked’ in a way which messes with the feeling of her flying at you. Like, the legs terminate at the same spot despite one being more prominent than the other (on our right side). If Limon’s left leg (our right) was drawn extended slightly more than her right before both legs twist off into the fire trail, that would look pretty damn fire.

Color work was great here too. Also, don’t let reddit get you down. It’s reddit and if anything, it deserves to be kicked down everyday lol


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