RotMG - Marble Colossus (2021-Final Concept). ./[Spoiled-Arts]


Marble Colossus Concept details:

  • The concept of a colossus golem creature of the realm, Inspired from the Kaiju Hyper Zetton from Ultraman Saga | The Movie (2012) & Gaius from Shadow of Colossus | PS2 (2005).
  • The scene elements based on the old artwork (2019) and adapted more with the character.
  • The character concept convey to the strength and name of the character, the character was designed to be as gigantic as his name. As for the glowing cracks around the character’s body. It was designed to convey the source of various long-range magic attacks.

(Interpretation and character design for each of my artworks all of them have a variety of inspirations mixed together until the result is a artwork that everyone can see. Character design to look lively according to the principle of the lore. It’s a very challenge for me and I hope you all like these interpretations of mine.)

RotMG - Marble Colossus (2019-First Concept)

All design and artwork by Saturn Z. Cheery『福井さたる』
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It would be so, so cool if some bosses had a short like 3 second intro sequence animated based on your art before the fight began. Seriously keep up the good work, I feel like your art is a significant part of the lore of the game at this point and I think about it every time I’m facing one of the OSanc minibosses.


Imagine if the MBC actually had a massive sprite like that. It wouldn’t implement well with the need for visuals on yourself and the bullets (or have a really awkward overlap)… but having a shrimpy sprite after some of what we’ve seen since since the release of the LH is kind of underwhelming.