I think ROTMG needs some specific zone-related music. Like, maybe the nexus has some music, beach, lowlands, midlands, highlands, and godlands have music, and etc. I’m not talking about music for specific dungeons, I’m talking about music in general. It would also help people locate midlands, for example. Maybe the music could blend as the biome changes.


Certain Private Servers had this feature, even walking past some tiles the music would change, so this is definitely possible on Flash.

The thing is where Deca would get the music, unlike Private Servers who don’t give a shit about copyrighted music, RotMG could suffer if it were ever copyrighted by using a particular theme (obviously Deca wouldn’t do this). I don’t know too much about this particular topic, through.


Since Pfiffel made a rework version of the sorcerer’s tower (rotmg theme), I think maling a couple more is just a question of time, once we move to unity.


@LolGod they could commission from Wangleline :))


Hmm, then it should be a thing with Unity, i doubt Deca will code that in Flash just to recode it again on Unity.

I hope turns out well and they pick fitting music for every place in the game.


I love the idea and though of ALL this, the music almost feels like music for cinematics rather than gameplay though, I feel perhaps a change of pace could fix this. I REALLY DIG THE LH ONE THOUGH.


Really love those tunes! While it is somewhat hard to imagine Realm having different zone music, these videos show that it is possible to fit such themes into the game without making it awkward. Kudos to that guy!

As a customary tradition of every video game ever, we need 1 zone with such amazing upbeat music that people stay in it just to listen to it for all eternity.


Sound great and it fits the theme of the areas


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