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I’d like to preface this by saying that I’ve already read through every other tech support item for macs on this forum.

I run a mac with these specs:

This should be good enough for me to run RotMG. I run on a gaming PC at home, but when I travel I can’t play and it’s annoying when I miss events. I run with flashplayer 32. I tried to install flashplayer 18, but the app is too out-of-date to run on my up-to-date macbook. My problem occurs in the order that follows:

I then get these stats:

I get keyboard delay, shots passing through enemies, and rubberbands. I know that my internet is fine - I’m getting up to 50mbps. What can I do to reduce the memory usage and therefore make RotMG playable?


Using wine/wine bottler will run flash player as a windows program, therefore starting up your memory at around 100 and making the performance much smoother. However, the problem is when you download the .swf file and run the flash player using wine, there becomes the common “language error” where I have yet figured out a fix.

I know you can fix this problem on windows by going to global settings and putting the recent .swf file into trusted location settings, but you cannot access winebotted flash players global settings, so I am unable to fix the problem. If anyone has a solution to this id appreciate it :).

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  1. Try the Steam client. I tried Flash player and I had basically the same problem as you. For some reason, the Steam client was the only one that would work reliably with my Mac.

  2. You’ll probably still have shit performance. Rotmg can only utilize one core at a time, and since you’re running an i5 you’re going to have some shit frames. I played with a Mac for three years, I had to basically restart my computer after every single LH I did. Always had about .2-3s keyboard delay in populated dungeons as well. You’ll get used to it.


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Back when I had an iMac, I was eventually forced to install a different OS as the game became more demanding. Your memory usage is normal, so is your net jitter.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s either your gpu or cpu. But let’s cover all our bases first.

  1. What’s your upload speed?
  2. What’s your cpu percentage when you’re playing realm?
  3. When nothing’s open?
  4. What’s your gpu percentage when you’re playing realm?
  5. Does your net jitter “spike” or is your lag concurrent 100% of the time?
  6. What is your cpu temps during gameplay?
  7. What is your idle cpu temps?
  8. What is your gpu temps during gameplay?
  9. What is your idle gpu temps?
  10. Is hardware acceleration off?

Also I noticed that during your explanation, that you’re not properly utilizing flash player projector to it’s fullest. Instead of opening a file location to an internet address, you should be downloading the client, and then running that through flash player projector. See this realmeye wiki link for more information.

Attempt to answer the following questions, after you have completed the guide above, thank you. If we’re unable to diagnosis the issue, you can message deca support to get your account linked to a steam account, to access the steam client, which some users swear by. Personally, playing on flash projector, with a fraction of the specs you presented was the best in-OS solution I found, short of using bootcamp.


Hardware acceleration is off, and I don’t know how to check most of that other stuff. I do know that I can run other games on my mac, such as TF2. I tried the download thing, and it really didn’t do anything. Thanks for the tip tho. My net jitter is fine - it really is just input lag and like slow graphics. I don’t really wanna transfer to steam, because I’m fine when I’m at home.


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I’m on a Mac, a far older one than yours, a late 2012 Mac mini with Intel 4000 graphics. I find Flash Projector works well. Mu CPU is a little faster (2.5GHz i5) but I don’t think that is significant.

Upgrading my Mac from 4GB and installing a SSD main drive both made a big difference, but your specs match that. I always enable hardware acceleration, sometimes needing to turn it on mid-game as it occasionally switches off without explanation.

I’ve disabled some graphical options – ally shots, ally damage to enemy I think are the main ones. I use Flash Player 22, though the differences between them are marginal.


I have a core i3-3217u @ 1.796 GHz giving me between 25-45FPS. Also, his FPS is fine. It’s not a CPU problem.


What if OP has a web-registered RoTMG Account? Due to the fact that, at the moment, DECA lacks a web-To-Steam method of connecting accounts, he’d have to make a new RoTMG Account to correct his problem.
Considering OP’s account is 6 years old and an orange star with a legendary pet, he’s clearly put in effort and time that can’t be replicated in a day.
As much as I agree with your stance with using wine, I think for the time being, that’s his only option.


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Well, the CPU that I’m playing on is the core i3-3217u, and its average clockspeed is 1796 MHz, or 1.796 GHz. This setup + 4GB DDR3-1333 gives me between 25 and 45 FPS in rotmg


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