RotMG - Oryx the Mad God (XMas)


RotMG - Oryx the Mad God (XMas).
| Project: RotMG Christmas Banner Contest |
Since there is a lot of feedback for me to participate in the competition,
so I decided to put this piece in the contest.

(Not allowed to be used for other purposes.)
(This work is used for the “RotMG Christmas Banner Contest” only.
#saturnfiftyone #contest


Thats Dope.


Noone’s gonna win :c






Great art as always, Saturn! Nice to s-


It’s a Christmas miracle!

Are you by any chance open to bribery for a full F.E.R.A.L. drawing? Asking for a friend.


Okay now this is heading to my wallpaper gallery


got… DAMN


Good job I’m impressed


stay tuned, it’s just the easter egg thing I put. what I gonna drawing next :wink:


U-Urgles ?


How you do these pieces has always intrigued me beyond belief… the textures, the colours, the shading, like wtf this is something I’d expect as character art from a triple A game. Just, wow, amazing job as always!


Ayyy, can’t hide behind the signature Craig~




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