RotMG - Oryx's Sanctuary Bosses-NO LOGO .[/Arts]


RotMG - Special Art pictures without logo.


These are so dang cool


crisp as hell my man right on the desktop wallpaper


Dammah is so fricken cool. One of my favorite sprites, one of my favorite fights, and this artwork is phenomenal as well. Amazing job as always!


As a slideshow, so that you can fit all of them


Aaaaaa, they look so amazing ≥w≤


these are honestly amazing. I think my favorite ones are Beisa and Dammah, but all of them are just insanely good.


These are really good. Which platform did you use to make these? And how long did it take? Really good work :smiley:


I used Photoshop to make every arts, and all of these arts are taken 8-10 hours per pictures


e p i c


That’s some dedication to your work