Rotmg pick-up lines


fair but i just thought it funny you reposted your own post. o well :man_shrugging:


Are you thessal because I got a t12 sword from entering your trench


thessal doesnt drop t12 swords tho


Are you thessal because my dagger became a sword from entering your trench


Are you a huntress, because you slow my metabolism


Are you a trickster, because idk if you’re real or fake


Want to see my Dblade?


Please hold me, I’m lonely ;-;




Hi! I play Realm of the Mad God! I’ll see myself out now…


Are you a ray katana?

because i don’t want you


I’m an ent ancient baby so beat my wood to make me harder


Are you my dad? Because you sure are an A.S.S


please give me a hug I’m touchstarved and craving for any kind of affection but it’s okay if you don’t want to I don’t want myself to force you to do something you don’t want to do-


umm… i think you’re cute!

lets play a cute game together called realm of the mad god

and… then maybe we could hold hands… >~<


fixed :3


Can I put my acclaim in your abyss?


Are you an event white? Because I really want you but when I end up getting you I will never use you


Are you from Oryx’s wine cellar, cuz damn girl you fine as Rice Wine

I had to look up the wine name from wiki xd


Are you LH 1.0? Because my image surely became 9K55mAD