ROTMG recommends that the game be more convenient and richer


My English is very bad, I use google translation, some errors are in English, please forgive me.
I have some ideas for the game suggestions and added some reference pictures.
I will continue to add my game ideas.
3 day, from the 6 point. Added to the 23 point.
Support my thoughts, click on love, or leave a comment.

1.Guild Chest

Guild players can add/ take tradable items at will, in the guild treasure chest.
Founder / Leader / Officer
Can limit some guild players can not extract,
And can view any records added/taken
Guild treasure chests must be purchased by Guild fame.

2.Guild faith

When the guild level is MAX, there will be a guild statue.
You can pray once a day, for a fee: pay the guild fame
Every time you pray, the statue will increase the experience.
After reaching a certain level, you can get some rewards.
If intentionally adopted, the profit margin is reserved for the DECA concept.

I hope that after the guild guild, Guild fame is still useful. Instead of just “accumulating”

3.Added “Baodian” and more free rewards

Dung Guide I found that many players don’t know about Realmeye or even wikis, and they didn’t even think about using search engines to search for game-related content. They can enhance themselves.
You can add some game/copy guides to the game so that players can know the information of any copy. More convenient
副本 / BOSS / POT / white bag

Online rewards
You can add online rewards, 5 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour…more…
You can add a little pot to make a lottery, or some small items, such as: cloth / pet food /
A little prize, don’t affect the game balance
only 0~20star can do . and all SB rewards

This is a manure guide I made for my Chinese friends a long time ago.
for reference

4.reenter Vault or Refresh gift box

Gift box has a big problem
When you have a gift that exceeds the gift box,
You have to re-enter the Vault to refresh before you can see more gifts.
I want to be able to add a “refresh gift box” or re-enter the Vault on the picture.


There are many players who use hackers for fraudulent transactions.
For players who don’t use hackers, are very unfair.
I want to build a game market instead of “selling” on USW2.
I want to be able to build a game market and make sure players are not being scammed by hackers.

Create a market system where players can freely place items for sale.
Wait for other players to enter the market and buy them yourself.

It is more convenient to buy and sell, without going to USW2 or going to Realmeye.
The most important thing is no longer being scammed by hackers.


In the game, you can check the player’s information.
This feature can be turned off from settings to prevent game quality from being affected.

7.Guild / Friend grave
We can check the death record of members of the guild and friends.

8.Server join

When the server is full, you choose to enter the server.
Will automatically switch to the original server.
I want to be able to “queue” instead of always refreshing until the server can enter
When the server is full. The player clicks into. It is loading.
Instead of jumping to other servers
When the server has space, the player will automatically enter the server.
The realm can also follow the queuing function like this and automatically enter

9.white bag call

When the player gets a white bag.
The system will send a message to inform everyone,
(Only the players present can see this announcement)
(Can be turned on/off from the settings.
Whether to use the white bag announcement)

10.TP "place"

When Realm is few people. This means. Getting people into the gland is hard
I often came out of the copy and found that Gland has no one.
When the field is lower than 5~10 players, players can TP anywhere,
When a person exceeds a specific amount, no more TP can be performed.

ll.main pet

When the green check is clicked, the preset pet is the main pet.
Whenever a character is created, the pet is automatically used. place (Realm)

I hope to be able to enter the birthplace of this field,
Build a safe place,
This area will not be shoot and skill/ will not be harmed /
When Realm is turned off, it swings after two minutes. Will automatically disconnect or return to Nexu
I am often afk the realm and cause death in the castle.
Q: Why don’t I want to go back to Nexu afk. Because I want to play wc, but I have to be busy with other things.

In addition, there will be a special voice reminder when Realm is closed and enters the castle.

13.Dung call / tp

When someone shouts the copy name. Or abbreviation,
The text is usually a special color, click on the text directly to immediately TP
(The system must detect that the copy does exist in the range, and it will be a special color.
When someone lie, the text color is the original color) key (DECA Done!!!)
Use 1~8 keys to use/equip the equipment and items corresponding to this number
When we passed the HP / MP pot. Auto take

15.Join Guild

Guild founder/leader
Can pass the guild hall. Carry out the “recruitment” function
You can choose to apply for the condition: star / fame / char / more …
Players can recruit systems through the guild. Look at a guild application
And wait for consent or rejection

16.View chat

Click on the pattern to open the chat history of wisper and GUIld.
Can view missed messages


I often can’t find myself in the sea of people.
I hope I can adjust the transparency of the characters and chat rooms.


Players can temporarily make up a team.
Number of teams: 2~4
Have a team channel. It is more convenient to play with the players of different guilds.


Can create hyperlinks in the game
After clicking, a confirmation prompt will be displayed.
Ex: This is an unknown URL, still going?
You can turn off hyperlinks from settings to prevent hyperlinks from affecting game quality.

20.small game

We can add some small games in the hall. Even Nexu
Occasionally, the guild needs to turn on the key, which can be more interesting in the process of waiting.

2l.Quick speaking

We can set up the dialogue and use the numbers on the right to build 1~9
Nine conversations can be set.

22.Guild statue

We can set up 1~2 statues in Guild Hall.
It can be displayed weekly/monthly.
The highest quality guild member
Ex: according to the highest score of fame / or this competition
Can make the Guild hall more diverse, not monotonous


Add a VIP system
Divided into four levels of VIP1 / VIP2 / VIP3 / VIP4
VIP1 = 100USA drop (backpack x1)
VIP2 = 100USA (character x1 vault chest x1)
VIP3 = 300USA up (purple aura) (friend limit increased to 150)
VIP4 = 500USA(Golden Halo) (friends limited to 200 people)
It will appear on the left side of the star.
VIP does not cause the game to lose balance. Auxiliary and display functions only.
Players who get VIPs can get some gifts, even glory
Make the player more willing. Buy gold coins, win-win

_ 2 4.god wall call_

Map has more intimate settings
When there are a lot of monster maps nearby, even the game screen will have any tips.
For example: like a picture, the map displays an exclamation point in the direction of a large number of monsters.
Low level/low damage monsters are not taken into consideration


You can use the mouse to drag and swap backpack 1 and backpack 2
Or you can use the backpack 2 interface to trade directly.
When it is a lot of transactions, it can be more convenient and faster.
Instead of moving the items of the backpack 2 to the backpack 1. [8 times]
Or you can select eight items at a time.

Deca should add hide players feature to the game

These are some really good ideas, if not original. Regs, move this into #ideas:other




This is a nice set of ideas for the game I can’t wait to see them


Like the new ideas you recently added you should try to show these to deca




DECA will not pay attention to this forum?


Deca doesn’t really use the forums that much, mostly for update announcements.

You can try doing @ Krathan (remove the space) if you want, but don’t expect an answer.




most of these are great ideas! i would love to seem them implemented on the game someday.


Some good ideas, some not good or won’t work (just my opinion), because:

1 guild chest, good in theory but this might require the whole Guild Hall system to be reprogrammed, because already it’s possible to “duplicate” the guild hall by a bug if players go into it simultaneously, it can create 2 guild halls. And making records of the loot taken/left is not going to be possible I think.

2 paying in the GH to get rewards sounds too P2W, and I don’t like ideas that force players into joining a guild or they miss out. Will make players join guilds for the wrong reasons if they only care about the free reward items.

3 online rewards, no, the game already gives away too much for free. Get your loot by playing, not by AFK.

5 marketplace: I think this was banned under the Wild Shadow simplicity design rules (no marketplace).

6 profile info: This is okay but I would want the option to turn it completely off, because I don’t want those screens getting in my way, within a realm, blocking my view of the game if I accidentally click it.

9 loot call=bad (for me), I want to keep my loot private. We have seen already players getting kicked by angry dungeon openers for getting good loot. If the game had a different loot system with everyone getting the same bag, this would be okay, but for personal loot, no I don’t like it.

10 TP direct to any place=bad, it’s way too powerful benefit for solo players in a team/MMO game, and huge benefit for notifiers.

12 AFK safe area in realm=bad, encourages more lazy/leeching. A true safe area exists already (the nexus). But maybe the problem of waiting 2 minutes for the Oryx Castle could change, the 2 minutes was added at a time when there was no Heroes Remaining countdown menu. Is it still appropriate & relevant?

13 is good, it could be part of a bigger idea, using the command /call when you are standing on a portal makes the chat into special TP text and automatically calls the right dungeon name. Standing on Abyss, you type /call, chat says: “<Nevov> Abyss of Demons”, other players can click to teleport to you.

Someone I believe from Wild Shadow in the old days likened the player ideas for Realm to a chef (the devs) making soup, and our ideas are like offering the chef some more salt & pepper. If we want the soup to taste different they need more than just salt & pepper. I’m probably garbling that analogy horribly.

  1. I use google translation. May cause some misunderstandings. I mean to say. Prayer: Use the guild to become famous
    Instead of paying money
    The guild in my eyes is just a simple game where players can get together.
    Regardless of the purpose for which they joined the guild. This is the second

3.It may be too much, I will correct it as: Players under 20 stars can use online rewards / and are not tradeable for SB. To avoid being abused

6.Yes. This suggestion is still good. Just a bit of a problem with the display
9.This is negotiable, I think it can be closed from the settings.
10.Think carefully, it seems that should not add this feature.
Think about alternatives

Thanks for comments and advice, I have absorbed some of your ideas. To re-edit my game suggestions.


dang, this is pretty good, love the potential additional uses of guild fame.


That was Krathan, actually, in the Status Effect Depletion post:


Ah hm I believe he’s referencing the same original WS thing on the old forums.

Edit: found it! Earlier in that same topic, a Doc post, giving a link to amitp’s “soup skit” post (WS-era designer/programmer) on the old forums. Thanks, that was bugging me only half-remembering it.


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