Rotmg Scavenger Hunt [Hosted by Wafflewuf /w Friends]


So currently me and few other friends of mine are going to be hosting a Scavenger hunt! Starting December 5th 6:00 PM PST - Ending January 5th 6:00 PM PST

The 1st place prize being 6 Decade Rings. (2nd and 3rd would show up if enough peeps participate)

The way this scavenger hunt would work is that, you and a group of friends would form a group of 1-3 players, farming for the list of whites/Orange/cyan’s/purple bags me and the other event organizers have chose to be in the hunt.

Tho in order to join there is a 1 Decade Ring fee (But starting on the December 12th the price will be reduced down to 8 life), this is done to expand the prize pool, the more players that choose to participate the bigger the prize will be, so instead of 6 decade rings for first there is a chance it could expand into 20 decade rings, and then 10 for 2nd and or 6 for 3rd. Overall it depends on the community and whether or not people are willing to participate.

We do have a way making sure everyone can see their scores as well as who is on what team. In order to participate you and your group needs to join the discord and fill out the event application set up to be considered an official team in the scavenger hunt.

The fee is 1 Deca per team. (Or anything equivalent)

(To learn more about it all join the server Official Sxstim Discord )

Here is the Google sheet for those that are interested in Leader Board .


I read " 1 decade ring free "


Rope time


I figured the team set up would allow More payers to join, since I know not everyone has one, tho anything equivalent would work too in a sense.




Is it one decade per team or one decade per individual who enters?


Can I play for fun and no entry fee or prizes?


If any teams are forming that needs an extra i’ll happily join


I’ll join your team if you’re paying the fee; I’ve got the best of the best on my team.


I guess i won’t then, since i won’t pay since we’re not allowed to pay in life


one per team


I sense a giant Deca scam…Hm…

I’m just kidding. Count me in!


god id be ridiculed and hung by the community wew


If I pay 2 decas do I get first automatically? Yes okay


smh you no wanna join scavenger hunt 618999523456450574


I haven’t played rotmg for 19 days


TNSN should be immediately blacklisted for being too lucky x3


Please someone include me in your team I would hapilly help (i am poor so i wont pay anything tho)


What if we have the item already :wink: JK Im thinking about it, but I don’t have a good computer to play on anymore


move to #community-hub:player-events