Rotmg Scavenger Hunt [Hosted by Wafflewuf /w Friends]


I read " 1 decade ring free "


Rope time


I figured the team set up would allow More payers to join, since I know not everyone has one, tho anything equivalent would work too in a sense.




Is it one decade per team or one decade per individual who enters?


Can I play for fun and no entry fee or prizes?


If any teams are forming that needs an extra i’ll happily join


I’ll join your team if you’re paying the fee; I’ve got the best of the best on my team.


I guess i won’t then, since i won’t pay since we’re not allowed to pay in life


one per team


I sense a giant Deca scam…Hm…

I’m just kidding. Count me in!


god id be ridiculed and hung by the community wew


If I pay 2 decas do I get first automatically? Yes okay


smh you no wanna join scavenger hunt 618999523456450574


I haven’t played rotmg for 19 days


TNSN should be immediately blacklisted for being too lucky x3


Please someone include me in your team I would hapilly help (i am poor so i wont pay anything tho)


What if we have the item already :wink: JK Im thinking about it, but I don’t have a good computer to play on anymore


move to #community-hub:player-events


have you considered dropping the entry fee to a couple life?