(Rotmg - shattered hope comic)


well I’m am making a realm comic it is not finished it mostly going to compiling most of the character that are Oc. now some of the design I have to rework so take it with a grain of salt these aren’t there final design. I do have a few enemy well only one that I did which is malus.
I be putting the name under the drawing. to note I go by Supuh for art related things

this is the cover




old fairy design these are scraped but not the character I have other ideas.



Um forgot to add the shading color on the back hair :expressionless:. Oh there a reason why he wearing a gas mask he’s very venoms he vomits venom out it hurts him a lot so one of orxy minion design a mask for him to wear so he doesn’t hurt others but he been ask by a lot of orxy minion to used it against the hero’s he still questioned that he just WANT TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE TO NOT HARM OR SERIOUS HURT ANYONE but they say it for the better good they said. He doesn’t know. Had to put some stuff in spoiler. And another thing his skin is white after an accident he was in he doesn’t want to talk about it he want to buried it and forget about it but it always come back to haunt him he screams for the pain to stop usually he comforted by Craig he just show up randomly to visit me why he just concerned about me but I’m valuable so he doing the best he can maybe I can fight a few hero’s. Let’s go Craig I think I’m ready after he calm down , we both left and that it. The first part I had spoil for people that are sensitive to it. Same character the one I showed they don’t have a name yet I need to work on that I gave a little update on a name for him. Why do I have everyone that work with orxy have trauma idk well most hm. I swear orxy isn’t beating them up they just have issues that orxy doesn’t understand so he trying to respect there wishes Evan if orxy know there pain he probably use it against them some way



I said they are not human but we’re caught. One cant see well she were a blindfold so she doesn’t gaze are friends just her enemy’s. The other two had there fair shard an robbing you know they were caught with trespassing and had possession of oryx fine wine. Oryx doesn’t know what to do with them , they could be useful in helping us , they seem to have a distaste to the hero there eah. The three agree agree to join us. There powers would come in handy they seem to have been gifted with them.

In the hope of things I’m still pushing to make this comic. The handcuffs are there but really they can break them easily. They are an annoyance to oryx as he try get them to join. They refuse but the green hair said yes if you can get the other to join i Ain’t helping you oryx as the green hair is floating. Oryx sighs fine I won’t be that hard right. Yeah as oryx is blasted in the face with a fireball by the orange hair he doesn’t want to join same as the purple hair she speaks softly but don’t toy with her you regrets it. Oryx know she something getting the fact she wearing a blindfold coving her eye knowing she a ???. Hum this might be a problem oryx said as he tells his minions to avoid her. I’ll try to ask her to join. Green hair comes out of nowhere to scared the crap out of oryx. Quack you don’t do that , green hair you seem to be having fun there oryx I can go invisible and go though things you should of notice. Oh said oryx maybe but I still think your not joining. Green hair edh oryx you think I still won’t join. Really that’s all you got. Oryx can it you. Fine I guess I will go than have fun oryx as the green hair leaves. Oryx just thinks gosh dang it. Here more and with oryx talking to them let see if that go well

and the final one for now I wont be showing sketch that I haven’t finished

normal forms there name are above there head


By the way these three oc were killed. Freed and trapped again they have token a different form of demon they have there know drama but they know what they did. “It hurts so much pls the pain ahah it augh” “shouldn’t be struggling stop fighting and just give up” sounds of verbal screaming could be heard but the words are mumbled seems who near by are an some pain best to avoid it for now. The hero’s keep going deeper and to the ruins. What Evan was that it didn’t sound human or why was it yelling. Hey best to avoid what ever it is and if it comes for us we be ready. Are you sure , positive we are hero after all. We dealt with threats like oryx and others. So don’t worry about it. Alright if you say so. There they are heheheh somethings lurks near the tress and it’s not alone.

Ok so Henry, Michal. David say after their defeat they watch they are bound to the shatters they are ponds to the void entities so then being defeated mean nothing to them sadly as they get revived and fight the hero’s again going through torment and usually hugging each other before they are taken away to a dark place and it terrifying to them and they can’t do anything. Until some one not a hero came and destroyed the amulets setting us free . . . But we still have those memories and the awful things we did. We have to confront them are self’s. As the person that saved us was all ready gone leaving a note saying gl maybe fine hope with those you talk to and don’t give in to the enemy’s lies. More to these character and the stuff they went through. They were once good people but things changed and they lost themselves to him. well well they didn’t listen than they gave in well.

More lore :confused: Here the other two Design they have apart of a broken mask there body are mostly goopy from lack of more violence. This is before they got the amulet form hum :confused: can’t say. These three are called the siren they use there singing and they have others ways to luring the hero’s to there unsuspected demise. Well there not going to leave the shattered ruins so easily as they may think we’re not the only one here hehehhe. Gl to you fellow hero if you dare to come here we be waiting. Like I said there minds have become twisted with different ideas they don’t know they have to killed the hero’s. By who they don’t know yet. David is still resistanting it effects but he’s loosing touch with himself. The other have already submitted to him , how long can I try to resist it this urge aahahah stop I don’t want to do this , ahahaha a short scream could be heard but something wrongs laughter a lot of laughter he started to laughter more holding his head with his hand they couldn’t concentrate or think straight , he finally snapped or gone insane David gave in to it. Enjoy note that these are there normal forms so there less gore-test.

Hm the shatters dungeon :eyes: “they have magic and used singing as well. They don’t like the hero’s there morals have been twisted and there ideas have changed for the worse they are set to killed the hero’s who get In THE WAY OF THE KING. they have gone mad it seems but one is trying to tell the hero’s something Evan if he’s fighting he’s losing and is lost to madness. This is just an idea to have my own take on the shatters dungeons. I still need to figure out how they will fight together against the hero and hunter and his group. I could say when one is defeated the other two go In to rage and the attack nonsensical and ruthless. Than when there only one as a last ditch effort he used the other too magic to unleash hell on the hero and go all out on them. When all 3 are defeated there spirits stands before the hero’s thanking them. The three said they lost them self to madness and went crazy , what have we done pls hero’s stop the forgotten kings there no saving him. Go luck as the three vanished they watch.

doesn’t make since I know

addon to the parasite chamber dungeon well know as the labyrinth

So I pick the parasite chamber dungeon first and here a concept of the pd rogue so each of the different enemy are going to be reworked since they only use there weapons to fight hero I wanted to make them different and more terrifying so here the parasitic rogue host. They cling on to the walls mostly to keep away from view they wait until some hero walk by and are sort in view , so they pull out one of there arm out and they grab the hero from behind so that the hero can’t get away the parasitic rogue would called out for the other enemy to finished the job and turn the hero in to a host. The pd rogue job is to be look out and to capture and hold the hero for the other parasitic enemy to get there. Yes the pd rogue can speak once he’s captured someone that is. So yeah they will also be wearing there cloak. I should note that the hoodie part is mesh in with there face only coving part of there face . and I’m also going to making 2 design for each enemy to add variety and stuff.

I do have in idea on adding another dungeon to the parasite chamber hum there will be no key like the fungal carfare second boss you have to complete the parasite chamber, once you destroy the nightmare thing than it would open up a path ways were you must go deep in to the maze to put end to the parasite mini once and for all. Before you could go in to the newly discovered entrance of parasites labyrinth you must speak guill he might be of help , they seem to be worry about somethings. Yes there is loot to have but is it worth the risk. Hero’s have reported that the enemy are different more scary than before , there also things that block your path , some enemy wait other gave chase or lung at you. Some hero’s say it isn’t worth down there it a maze it dark and maze like you get lost for sure. What I’m saying is in the story called shattered hope the parasite chamber is more dangerous than you remember Evan orxy try sending his minions to deal with the problem, the hero’s haven’t been destroying the parasite chamber so it has become a threat to both orxy and his minions and the hero’s it mostly there fault. So i want to add guill in to this I think after the hero’s defeated the parasite labyrinth probably come up with a better name for it well I been the hero’s that defeated it can speak to guill about. Guill talk about the origins of the parasite chamber and what the guild went through . Guill thank the hero’s but he tells them that the parasite minion will returned we must keep destroying the nightmare colony and to keep them at bay. Before the hero leave guill ask them this was it worth it to you were you there for the loot or to find out what really happened to that guild and what it has become. The hero’s keep that in mind has they exit the guild hall. Guill hum do you think the hero’s are ready . ??? Hum not yet guill they still need to work together not against each other if they to defeated there enemy’s. I hope you like this.

these will be remade.


updates well. . .

don’t worry I haven’t given up on the project. ‘‘yet’’


I be showing something well a it still in the process of being reworking it for four character there name are lri, oshyu, orothi, serl. do note this was from back in high school i later scraped the story as you will see I didn’t get far. it go over the four character and where they live and sort of how one them came to the realm and was help by two hero’s there teacher him some things and about oryx.

so here it is you be the first to see it and yes it is being rework and i have changed some things and character but that what i say for now. also it make no sense. so take it with a grain of salt.

here we go
not censored
word for word


At the age 5 they went to the fairy realm with there parent they said we need to stay here and learn what they can do. The leader of fairy’s separated them because are parent said so we can constantrat on there magic.

Serl: backstory of her running away from the fairy village meeting with the wisp of the first nature fairy

Oshyu: n/a

Lri: n/a

Orothi: n/a

first nature fairy - still didn’t give them a name

leader of the fairy - he has a name


so they are sort able to see each other but they don’t know they are related and it stay that way. and note there was something about a card batted thing it been scraped maybe for one on one battles with each other but yeah so things about basic cards and other things.

we started gaining some basic spell to fight little weed plants. - oh my god

were learning common spell to fight flowers and berry bush.

Serl summon a tree Ent which Orothi and other fairy run to get the leader. He show up and fights the the tree Ent but he loose and gets ‘‘very hurt’’. Serl go and hide in fear, which is making the tree Ent stronger. Than Orothi challenge the tree Ent using a rare spell fire arrow, he then cast the spell which shots 5 flaming arrow, at the tree Ent destroying it.

Than the tree Ent poofs in to smoke. the leader asks after get up what happen, then Orothi explains that Serl got scared and summon the tree Ent which i defeated [he ask if she ok, Orothi said yes]

the leader of fairy’s thoughts
''the leader gets up and gets some flashbacks about the first nature fairy. He feels the wisps of the first nature fairy looking for Serl want to use her to make more plant monster, to help get her magic back that was seal away and turn her to a wisp.

Lri get a common stun arrow and can on block normal attack by plant monster. Oshyu still need to focus on the target and hit it and at least look at it. They got there first set of wings. they don’t know what there use for yet. - note for flying never touch on again

More reports of plant monster attacking. we are on high alert keep an eye on Serl "they might be going after her, for here magic drawing the plant monster closer to the village. they were sent by the first nature fairy. - well no s### sherlock

The other are getting better with there magic /spell and fight back against the plant monster.

Serl and orothi were talking about the tree Ent that serl summon. Orothi ask Serl did you summon it you can trust me. Serl knows she can trust Orothi but she scare and run away from him to distance her self to other. Serl hear a voice telling her to come and meet her. The wisp start talking to Serl, she very worried about who she is. wisp tells Serl to meet him outside the fairy village serl ask why but the the wisp left already Serl headback to Orothi and goes to training. Oshyu and lri were chilling by the lake. looking out at the lake asking why they were ‘‘taken’’ here by there parent. ‘We ask why’ meanwhile serl start freaking out that she different from the other fairy she doesn’t belong with them. Im going to leave the village. she was walking to the gate when she over heard something, she peaks over to see what going on. She see lri being talk to by two fairy who were threaten him, lri walks away upset and angry she follows him and see lri goes thought the portal that lead to were oryx is at.

Serl goes back to the fairy village to inform the leader about this. even through she was going to leave anyways. Orothi doing some training, Oshyu was talking to a healing fairy because he got injured.

lri leaves the village threaten by those he care about he doesn’t want to stay and leaves to oryx domain even though he isn’t welcome there by the hero’s or orxy. He dosn’t know what he is in for when oryx gets him.

so there is a bit more will be following lri and were he end up in the realm.

somewhere familiar

lri what it this place it not like the village. wait what who are you wait wait ahh
. . . oof lri gets knockout by someone that not one of oxry minon.
1? who is this person and did he get here we don’t know but.
2? We have to move now ‘‘oryx army’’ coming we have to go, take him with us
1? it will be all right who ever you are your safe with us.

lri oh where an i and who are you two?
1? Oh your awake sry for my friend over there he sortof well knock you out he through you were a minion of oryx.
2? SRY about that i didnt know.
lri it’s ok I’m fine thank you , also what is this place?
1? This is The Nexus
lri oh ok so what are you names?
1? im drac
2? and im laen
Drac so we found you in this cave.
lri um yeah . . . some talking later
Drac Well that clear thing out for us
Laen we just need to make sure you weren’t working for him?
lri who him?
drac oh you mean oryx.
laen Drac what did i tell about saying that name.
drac sry laen. . .
lri oryx . . . who this oryx guy I don’t know who he is.
laen uhn you don’t know who oryx is lri
lri nods
drac oryx lives in a castle he than command his minions to fight us the hero’s
laen Oryx is a person you shouldn’t meet.
lri thanks for the advise

lri I can’t defend my self I don’t know how to fight
laen It’s ok lri we weren’t that great ar fighting ether, we will help you
lri that will be great help
drac so what class are you going pick lri
lri well I haven’t decided yet but tell me what class you are.
drac oh I’m a huntress
lean I’m a priest I can heal you
drac so lri did you pick yet
lri yes will choose the archer class
drac that a good choose for you
laen we can help you get some gear
lri oh thank you
drac how about we give you a tour of the nexus how dose that sound.
lri that sound like fun
laen ok than lets go tour the nexus

Welcome to the nexus

laen this is the nexus
lri wow
drac hey lri you want to take a look
lri sure
drac what about you laen want to come
laen no thank you thanks anyways
drac laen you ok
laen yeah im fine just got somewhere to be
drac oh ok see you later laen
laen alright bye drac
drac bye
lri what was that all about drac
drac oh nothing lri, laen had to go somewhere
lri oh where
drac he went to go fight enemy
lri can I do that?
drac well sure you can lri but your new here, and I don’t want you to get hurt or killed.
lri oh ok than

lets go exploring

drac that sound fine to me sure lets go

lri find this new place the heros here call it the nexus i meet with hero drac and laen. they show me the market in the nexus we became friends. there are still thing I dont know like whos oryx. another note i ask drac if he wanted to explore with me

chapter 2 - well it more taking

oeti so there this new hero who call him self lri
very good indeed

itani so on one know who lri really is right
oeti right
oalei what. . .are you two talking about?
oeti um
itani we were just talking about this new hero name lri
oalei oh good job you two lets keep an eye on lri you got that
oeti/itani yes a ma

oeti so um why dont you want to go near the enemy
itani I I dont want to talk about it ok
oeti oh sry I didnt mean to make you upset
itani sniff it all right I just tell anyone about it.

some shit is about to happend :sweat_smile: and some drama with guards and protage

lri hey drac come look at this
drac im coming . . um lri realizes pls get away from there now were at the cave!
lri a away from what ahahha
drac shit LRI!!! WHERE ARE YOU
lri under some rubble over here drac
drac comes over and get lri out of the rubble are you alright
lri ugh yeah but my arm hurts can you help me up
drac sure lri
lri thx
drac ok what about your arm
lri it hurts alot, we should go to the nexus to get it check at least
drac ok lri lets go

lri/drac arrive at the nexus gate and saw 2 guard approach them and ask if they were all right.
Nexus guard 1 you guys ok
lri sigh yeah I’m fine
Nexus guard 2 so drac what happed to the both of you
drac well we were exploring a cave with lri and than i told him to get out of there because the cave we found was were I found um. . .
Nexus guard 2 found who?
Drac I found lri there
Nexus guard 1 you what he not a hero than
lri DRAC why
drac im sry lri I had to tell them where i found you because the hero were getting suspicious about you lri
Nexus guard 1 were sry lri you cant come in your not a hero like drac is
Nexus guard 2 we got to ask you to leave lri

lri this . . . this is your fought drac i should’nt have trusted you im leaving and dont come looking for me
drac lri wait hu
Nexus guard 1 stop drac dont bother drac he not one of us
Nexus guard 2 just let him go he will be fine out there
drac NO lri not fine he dosn’t know were hes going, he might get kill or capture
Nexus guard 2 calm down drac they just talk
drac sigh yeah i got it i be in the nexus if you need me
Nexus guard 1 sure thing
Nexus guard 2 take care drac
drac will do

Somewhere in the highlands

lri ‘why did i trust him’ ‘i should of know’ ‘why you do it drac why’

lri heading to the godlands

lri in his thought uh really now drac you little crap a medusa. lri pull outs his bow of covert
take this ah. lris blind the medusa and gets away hm what are they talking about over there

itani what your problem
oeti nothing why are you mad?
itani im talking about uh him oh crap it him
oeti it lri but where his friend drac?
itani we got to go
oeti ugh fine will go
lri wait who are you guys and how did they know my name.

in the nexus

laen ‘‘so 8 def for 1 life pot sound good’’
orothi yeah that good
laen so I heard some Nexus guard talking about oyrx is it that bad?
orothi yeah sort of bad out there some hero wants to give up or quit fighting
laen really some hero would rather give up and hide than fight oryx shame on them
orothi nodding in a agreement your right lean but some don’t want to anymore so they choose to stay here in the nexus.
lean ugh ok I guess thats help
orothi yeah I got to go I see your friend drac over there alone you should talk to him
lean alright than take care orothi I will go talk to him.
orothi take care laen
orothi men I want to know what happend to lri and drac why he sad?
I hope lean can figure it out

in oryx castle

and that where we leave off and that conclued it

the card battles was a good idea but in exultation thought it was bad. i have scraped it might return but no chances
on to the character there bad they have no emotions and just -_- yeah
the leader just as bad if not worst and dont get me started on the whole serl and first nature fairy it was bad.
anyways these character will be redesign and reworked. and brought in to the new story with hunter.

Scraped but not character this had no purpose to the story.


it something at least


it hunter again
so here are some basic thing etc.
Name - Hunter
Age - 23
Height "5’1
Gender - male
Personality - Sensitive , Resentful , apathetic , calm
they are an outsider
weapon - scythe , dagger
magic - ‘not telling yet’

Hunter backstory

I can’t really say where Hunter was born , but he did have loving parents. Hunter has been readjusting to a better place where he could be save from the like of him. We must tell him the truth, NO he not ready yet. Hunter was born with magic from his parents. When hunter was 16 he was invited to come join in Academy, he accepted and this will be the last we see his parents. Hunter stayed in the Academy for a total of 5 years. He learned about his magic and also how to cast the magic from a weapon. Hunter graduated at the top of his class showing great skills. He would also receive his weapon that was hand made and one of a kind also ambled with one of hunter magics. “hunter would soon discovered and find out what happened to the Academy or what remains of it.” Well hunter comments they been “corrupted”

Hunter is now 23 wondering the lands of the realm avoiding the likes of the heros, he also changed his weapon out to a dagger to avoid more questioning from the heros.

hope this a explains a bit about hunter.

I remade this so something have changed to better suit the character


Hunter went on some mercenary , exploration missions. he deicide that he try this first and to also avoid the hero’s. here are some of missions he has completed.
Hunter broke an agreement with them on other missions he was lying and coving up stuff he didnt tells what he found but we noticed he had a few people with him an ex member from a now defeated cult group and a silent enitity. hm hunter is interesting we need to keep an eye on him.

exploration mission to the lost halls - completed

notes from hunter - when i arrived in to the first room it felt eerie and sort of creepy. I avoid most of the enemy an there but there were a few that were well I didn’t want to find out just toke notes.

notes - they look like hero’s but not like the crus here there lost but there eyes glow a purple hue and there these bugger like to follow as i noticed they stayed away from I don’t know why hum maybe it because I’m not a hero so i have no quarrel with it. they seem very numb.

found one of the boss room it like a maze though these halls. alright got the stuff I needed to collect oh who are you two him hun oh you want to come along with me ok. we should get going then.

mercenary mission a traitor of the counsel - n/a

most records of this mission and other missions as well have been destroyed by this traitor it is unclear if they had help or not.

most are unreadable or too difficult to translate.

exploration of the ruined kingdom or the forgotten kingdom - ''completed''

well they didn’t take to kindly to that so as punishments’ I have to go to this dungeon to get crap for them so yeah last mission ay well might ditch them but I still go explore it.

hunter shit I need to be very careful I cant trust anything I see it could be in enemy. wtf is that thing oh shit it saw me eh ah dodges out of the way of the stone idle in to a building with enemy eh I have no choose I have to run , I need to find these switches to open the way.
hunter has to fight now fine you give me no choose I shouldn’t be a cowered. hunter pull out his other weapon that glows in a purple aura.
it seem you can cast magic with that weapons interesting of the accursed enemy said.
hun it can speak. . .
they all gain up on him. hunter slices them and casts a spell called restrict which paralyze the enemy’s. and hunter has gotten away it isn’t worth it. i got a chance to leave so I’m taking it.

hunter dose return to the shatters to face off with the enemy again.

This made no sense at all so this also yeeted


Eh… I say those stories are pretty average IMO.


trying to explain more where hunter is and this is at the beginning of the story sort of.

Hunter is an outsider knowing to hold his own in a fight. even if he has deicide to not trust in some hero’s this would unfortunately changed the view he has on them more over. There was a new law/rule the hero put on us where they have the final say if we try to up hold against that than they don’t feel very remorseful after that they well beep beep like they do to there enemy’s and were just a little toy for them to take target practices on. the hero’s go on about there being a few special outsider that are well gifted . known how to fight well/ was taught by someone.
hunter has seen a few outsider get beeped by the hero’s and it make him sick of it he choose to walk on by.

"thinking to him self"

i could try to defect to the enemy’s but it a thin line I’m already crossing and if i do than I’m throwing what I have left away, and for worst making it even harder for the outsider to at least survive from the hero’s without getting beeped by them.

hunter sighs , well where to than hum maybe over there pointing to god lands are you sure about that nods oh right lets go to the god lands.

Note I might work with this but details will changed


the twilight arcamage


Oooooh what sorcery he shall cast?


This is Kai

Seb the bread trixster


This will be redone no question


Ok under the cut will be sketches


In Order we have random unfished parasite minion

These are the one I have sketches for and there are others I need to do just a little update
There designs do need tweaking abit so enjoy


process is being made slowly do not worry.


i keep forgetting about this website whoops


hey there, it me again as you may know the Rotmg shattered hope comic is on a hiatus.
it won’t be forgotten or abandoned. i need to step away from this. to have a clear understanding on how to do it better to make it have somewhat sense.

now for the scrape story it been scraped it done it won’t be work on anymore it will be however fully rewritten completely to fit Lri Orothi Serl and Oshyu new roles in the story it be mostly their backstory.
I have moved on maybe I just don’t want to leave you guys in the dark about when will this comic ever be finished and that I’m not sure of. maybe? I keep mostly silent and MIA from posting about things. or forget which happens. well, this probably make no dang sense it something.


What happened??? Why all sudden hiatus…


the people have spoken in bb_smooth chat i made a poll for which comic i should work on, so i be continue with the rotmg comic as i said the whole story will be redone, characters will get a redesign etc. I don’t know when the first chapter will be out for this. but i have a better sense now. the comic won’t be on hiatus anymore.


New design for hunter
Name - Hunter redacted
Age - 23
Height - “5’1
Gender - Male
Personality - TBA
Faction - TBA
Title - “outsider”
Weapon - dagger, scythe
Magic - TBA

And I will probably edit this with others things
But yeah here he is.


Afew things here
A drawing of my main assassin and two character for the rotmg comic. deivian & Goldie Enjoy
I am slowly working on it.

Deivian the archer

Goldie the paladin/sorcerer