RotMG - The Beekeeper. ./[Arts]




gotta say this is one of my favorites so far. Thanks for your hard work!


Oh, I love the design of his flamethrower! It looks absolutely stunning!
The blue bee is also very well made. So cool to see that in such resolution!


The flames look so immense and powerful! Definitely makes Dr Terrible look way more badass. I love all the subtle details like Dr Terrible having his own logo on his belt(?), and the menacing bees as well. Epic job as always Sataru! <3


Thank you, and you found my little detail I put into him!
Of course, there’s always a lot of detail and easter egg for you to find within every single one of my artworks !

Lastly, Thessal and The Killer Bee Queen are coming soon.
Here I am still progress on designing my work as best as ever.


I’m glad that you love it !
His flamethrower was inspired from Guardians of the Galaxy Movie 2014 !