RotMG :thonk: Thread


Post here whenever something realm related makes you thonk.
Today I was in a cland. I was in the middle of killing two wishing trolls and I kept getting hallucination. I thought to myself, my, how I hate hallucination. But then I thonked. Why are there hallucination enemies in a candyland? And then I thonked even harder!! Its almost as annoying in real life when your candy gives you hallucination as it is in realm! Though, hallucination isn’t given to me by trolls, its more commonly by my teachers on easter, halloween and especially valentines day. I guess you could say I’m a common target in the candy land hunting grounds :wink:


Ok I may be misunderstanding the point of this thread, but this is stuff that really makes me :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Being able to put on a jugg and a crown on your head at the same time.

Being able to fight while just holding a random purple or maybe yellow rock in your hand (gem or sourcstone or loedstone even)

Daggers (short) have higher range than Swords (long), is this just throwing the dagger?

Characters are ambidextrous, they can use either hand easily

Fire Dragon scales are one of the “strongest substances this world has ever seen” but provides less defense than just normal dragon armor (T9)

Also on a similar note, candy is the strongest substance, stronger than magical felplate, fire dragon scales, etc.
Wearing rusty handcuffs significantly increasees your defensive power, health power, and speed.

Something about the irl physics of void blade doesn’t seem right.

Doku shots curve back and forth… what… how would this work IRL

A sharp dagger made from bone can go THROUGH enemies? What the… WHAT

Finally, using meat as your weapon is more effective than using a “well-made dagger plated with gold and inscribed with evil runes.”


One time, I died. Then I thonked. Why did I die? Then I thonked harder. I died because I’m an idiot.


What in the hell are you talking about?


OP is implying that his teachers frequently drug him. Likely trying to win some edgy points. :rose:


lagging while standing behind cover in lod, dies. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Why are we even playing realm?


Very thonk inducing


i thonk a while ago because of this


i thonked cause he used to be in beach zone




credit to @OmegaDeity and Blar for some images


For context, I was talking about Kingsman: The Secret Service. I am not a pervert.



abyss of gummybears :thonk:


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