RotMG Tier List


Since these are all the rage rn, I created a tier list for RotMG classes. @YinYarn already did this but his closed and so here we are.
Template is here
and here’s mine

S Tier

So for me, warrior, wizard, and knight are clearly the best classes. They are fun to play with and are kind of broken, which we can all agree can be fun. If your class isn’t viable, it’s just not fun.

A Tier

That being said, archer and pally are still fun but not on that level. They don’t have that stat superiority of wizzy or the amazing ability on the same level as knight or war, but they are still fun classes.

B Tier

Now these are the “I’d play it voluntarily, but not readily.”-type classes. I had a ton of fun playing ninja and samurai ppes, and I realized that they were just fun classes. Priest and assassin have fun abilities, but they just aren’t as fun as the tiers above or are superior stat wise, so there’s no reason for me to rank them higher.

C Tier

If B was the “I’d play it, I guess” characters, these are the “I just don’t like playing them” characters. Necro’s ability is just not on the same level as wizzy, and the healing does not make up for the extreme damage lost (especially with pets). Sorc is kinda fun and I was debating whether to put it in B, but ultimately the uselessness of 75 vit is what brings it down. Maybe if it had like 65 wis or something idk. And rogue is just a class I can’t bring myself to play.

D Tier

The objective worst two in my book. I hate mystic, as it’s so much of a “team support” character that doesn’t feel fun or viable when playing solo. Pally is a “team support” character with an ability that can still help itself when playing solo. Mystic is just the worst staff class with a garbage ability. Trickster I know is a lot of people’s favorites, but I just can’t seem to find out how to play it (or ever will because I’ve stopped playing this game).

So yeah, these are how I would personally rank the classes in RotMG. This is before any buff or nerf to the sword classes (don’t kill pallys deca pls), tell me why I’m wrong or rank them yourselves IG.

Why would you nerf classes when you could just buff the garbage ones :thinking:

Versatile class rank

.>putting assassin over mystic


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honestly tho, I just hate mystic so much.


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Sorry to all you trickster mains but I have no idea how to play her


if pally and warrior aren’t in the top 2 you should reconsider your list since they are responsible for over half of the damage in a group just from their abilities alone. the only other class that could even dream of making that big a difference is the priest, but even then you’d need a ton of them, which is not the case for warrior and pally.

it’s also seems strange for you to put assassin in a tier above huntress. isn’t huntress essentially a more powerful assassin with a status-inflicting perk on her ability? she also gets in all of her damage instantly, while assassin has to wait several seconds to have an effect.


hunt = bad archer and boring


i mean practicality wise, like 7 of these classes are objectively bad because they are outclassed by another class in an important regard, and not just a preference thing. example: the wizard just deals damage. you want damage? play the warrior. assassin/sorc deal aoe damage, so do many other classes (huntress, necro, sam, archer(?), etc). rogue is a pretty cool guy, but assuming you can play the trickster well, it just does what he does better in most situations (aside from the 1% where you need to invis in a corner, whereas trick can tp around to juke shit).

but obviously, it’s not like 100% of the playerbase is made up of melees, priests, and tricksters, because some of those classes are boring as shit. so logically speaking and based on the evidence i’ve proposed… the necro is the best class fight me if you think i’m wrong bitch.


I’m not even going to attempt to dispute that, I fully understand why anyone would put huntress much lower than archer. the question is why in the world is assassin better than huntress?


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Assassin is just more fun, has better stats (imo).
Statwise- 75 dex is so nice to play around with and bombing things with ur poison is fun. Huntress feels tedious after comparing its playstyle with archer. Yeah sure, the ability is better than poison but lower radius + boringness = assassin is better.


A second though to my list priest could go into A, but I think it is a bit too reliant on ut tombs to be very good


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For the less obvious ones, I put Archer in S Tier thanks to all options it has. Need damage? Void Quiver. Need less shots? QoT. Need to rush? ST Quiver. It’s insane how one class has so much for any given situation.
Put Wizard in B because it simply isn’t that good of a class outside of damage, and even then Warrior would probably be better.
Put Samurai above Ninja because it’s more team-oriented.


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you guys are hating on sorc way too much