RotMG Tier List


I’ll put two tier lists

Enjoyability/casual play
S: Ninja/Trickster
A: Rogue/Archer/Necro
B: Wizard/Paladin/Huntress/Sorc
C: Mystic/Priest/Knight/Warrior
D: Samurai/Assassin

Actual viability (Ex: halls)
S: Warrior/Paladin
A: Knight/Wizard/Mystic
B: Huntress/Archer/Rogue/Priest/Trickster
C: Samurai/Necro
D: Ninja/Sorc/Assassin

You’re welcome to fite me over these once I’m off mobile :3


Even with the Nerf, Paladin will be S+ tier, without a doubt for me. Paladin has the best buff in the game, in my opinion.

The classes shown for each tier are listed from greatest to least.


Yes! Cooperation is the Key in a game with permadeath (Sorcerer can inflict slow, while Wizard can’t) (Although, Assassin can also inflict curse, it’s duration and radius are just too short, while Wizard’s and Ninja’s DPS outperform the benefit from Assassin’s curse poison, in my opinion).

My personal enjoyment:

Sorry, Dagger Fans (Still going to pick the “Cloack” from the oryx ut quest, because I need to clock the cloak).


move huntress to B tier, sorc and necro to a tier, pally to S tier, priest to A tier, and trix to B tier.



The Factors consist of Fun and Enjoyment
(Don’t be triggered if one of these Classes in the Bottom are your favorite, It’s just my Opinion)


And here’s mine visualized, now that I can make it.
NB: Purely based on personal enjoyment, not viability or strength, otherwise Warrior would be an automatic S alongside Paladin.



Here’s mine


why is trickster not in B wtf


Right, but calm down.


Anyone else a moderate like me and think all 15 are about the same in terms of how “good” they are overall?

Yes, some classes are better for certain situations but I can’t really think of any class that is much better than others.

That being said, some items do make classes very good to the point where they are better than others…


How is trickster not S for halls?


There’s limited space in the S tier, and warrior/pally are just too good.


Captura mine


well i made a dungeons one



I somewhat disagree with your opinion about Mystics ability, and the placement of Priest. But other than that, this is a solid tier list.


Ain’t no way ninja is at the bottom man that’s just asinine.


What is the difference between the 2 pcaves?
I would put thicket higher and shats in FF


its based in loot and difficulty


Ahhh shatts is a trash dungeon but it is hard


shatts its in A for the loot and the medium difficulty