RotMG - Treasurer Gemsbok. ./[Spoiled Arts]




Fantastic as usual
(Also I see a new pfp)


I envisioned Gemsbok as being younger, but I love the looks of this! He already looks similar to another character (not in Realm) that I like, but I’ll wait in earnest for the finished product.





Just an idle, standalone opinion. Probably because of said character he reminds me of interfering with imagination.


I thought that white thing was just part of the robe, like a collar part.


As the person who sprited Gemsbok, I can indeed say that my original intentions was for it to be a collar or sort of like an ascort scarf. But honestly the beard interpretation works as well, since it fits the “greedy rich noble” theme too.


I actually really love the beard interpretation, definitely gives off that corrupted wealthy old emperor look, looking forward to the final piece as always!


Well then! I mean, what I saw kind of fit your description, especially because I caught the figures you were trying to loosely mimic with the bosses. Nice to have confirmation. And the beard does fit the miser look well, I agree x)


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