Rotmg trickster portrait loooooooooool


image yeah it kinda does look like sephiroth


bonke man good


I don’t get it… It’s not a bad picture… I just don;t get it


rotmg trickster you dunce


? what


It just doesn’t feel like fan art. Might just be me but it kinda just looks like any other portrait. Am i missing something?


It’s a portrait of a RotMG class (The Trickster). Think of it as, like, trying to imagine a pixelated character into something more detailed, as it is with most other fanart pieces. There’s no absolute right way to intepret a pixelated character, it is subjective to everyone, that’s what makes fanart pieces so intriguing at times.


Crystal’s decided to intepret it as a light-haired person in a portrait layout. As for me, I’d intepret it as a white bandana over a green-haired person. Doesn’t necessarily make one or the other not feel like fanart, it’s just different expressions, that’s why fanart is always so interesting to look at~


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