RotMG - Twilight Archmage. ./[Spoiled Arts]




amazing work dude


“You didn’t think I had legs, did you”

Seeing Archmage with legs is weeeeird…but hot dang do I love how this portrays the new sprite!


I’m also surprised with my design based on the overall interpretation of the Twilight Archmage from his sprites.
But since I drew the clothes of the mage In the shape of a magician’s cloak, it is a classic and very easy to interpret. And it’s beautiful every time it has been created.

Personally, I would like the arch mage of this once legendary on realm to be different. To show the cultures of different kingdoms and different and completely different magical groups.

For this Twilight Archmage, I took the time to think and redesign it entirely from all the original designs I had designed years ago. which I wanted a mage suit that wasn’t too long and cluttered. It looks like a costume that can convey a different culture and shows the alchemy coming out of its dress.

Also the inspired by the design of Twilight Archmage’s costumes from the MCU’s Doctor Strange in the 2016 film, Magic Carpet and Jafar from the 1992-2019 animated Disney film, Aladdin. All of these blended together to form the Twilight Archmage’s mage suit as everyone seen from now and of course I still have many surprises within this work


Final Sketch [Concept Arts].


do you do the sketch on paper or with a tablet


mostly working on tablet


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