Sabbu's Subpar Art Thread


Hey Bois and Gurls, It’s sabbu and surprise I am starting an art thread.
Now before you go and say oh wait its just another kid doin an art thread I wanna explain myself. So, basically cuz of school (Junior +SATS)I can’t really play ROTMG as much as I’d like too so, i figured hey I can still interact with the rotmg community with fun drawings and caricatures of people!
So, I wanted to try doin an art thread… (p.s don’t expect too much)

Anyways here’s my first terrible drawing XD

Also I’d like to thank @Craftable and @ Squeakwee for being great artists that I look up too <3

Also someone send me some decent drawing sites so I can not draw on lined paper lmfao


Plz comment any criticism or just call it bad any feedback is good.


Better than my drawings at least.


Well if you want a program, GIMP is free and although it’s not to my liking as I’m used to photoshop it does the job.
Piskel is an excellent pixel art maker site, and I suppose could suffice if you had to use a website.
On phone I recommend IbisX as it’s got a bunch of quality features like layers, transparency and has a colour wheel, is simple to use and obviously convenient since your drawing canvas is essentially in your pocket.
(if you couldn’t tell I draw my trashy art on my phone.)

#5 isn’t on a website you have to download it. Also the url is not

Another note, a good website tool, although not the best is photopea - it’s pretty impressive in its capabilities for a in browser tool.


Weird, I could’ve sworn I used something called paint but online before. Oh well.

  1. Thanks for all the suggestions
  2. I find your art hilarious


thanks for the suggestion!


On a side note any tips for drawing?


already pretty good. Don’t be afraid to color in stuff heavily so it’s dark, many newbies have the misconception that you have to color lightly so you can erase if you make mistakes. Be brave, you will make mistakes but as a whole your art will look a lot better. Also I would suggest trying out digital art because the colors come out as you want and you can press ctrlz if you make a mistake. (Or you could do pixel art like me because I’m a lazy n00b) Buy some printer paper if you don’t want to draw on lined, but if you’re really getting into art I suggest buying a sketchbook, pencils, and watching some guide videos.


thanks a bunch! also ur art thread is fire :smiley:


i wouldn’t say it’s fire. Most of the pictures take ~20-30 mins to complete. You should check out Craftable’s 1000+ panel comic, and squee and campfires’ art threads. So much better than mine.


True, Craftables comic is fantastic, honestly loved reading that comic. and dont even get me started on squee’s art thread the drawings are so adorable and realistic. .


wouldn’t say they’re realistic, but yeah. They’re really talented and amazing.


Catch me being flattered.

Art is to be from the heart of the artist. There will always be sparks over the quality of art, but to take what you see and build upon your work will forever make it fun and exciting to create.
Not sure if my tips are worth something, but just find what is the most comfortable with you, and begin fine tuning it. It’ll eventually come about to feel more natural and get a bit better.

Also be sure to keep the inner story writer away from your inner artist, lest you end up with a 1000+ comic, which is a hoot to do, but not for the feint of heart.


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