Sadness - A Rotmg story


It was just any other day in the life of a 14yr old Rotmg gamer, We’ll call this person, Kyle.

Kyle was feeling a bit depressed this day so he went on a walk to ease his mind. on the walk he decided he would smoke some weed to settle his mind even more.

After Kyle got home he was Pretty high and decided to play his favorite game, Realm of the mad god. Kyle logged onto his 5/8 necromancer ppe and went into beholder and found a Lod. He was excited because he doesn’t find Lods very often so he opted to go in.

By the time he got in black was closing off but he made it, He went to sit behind the pillar and wait for the chest. He got there but couldn’t help notice that most people were leeching or were melee so kyle opted to assist in killing the black dragon. He was doing good! All was well until kyle started typing, He was typing about how he couldn’t aim straight because he was so stoned. His brain must have turned off because he made a straight line into the middle of 3 little dragons thinking black dragon wasn’t near, He then exploded while sitting on invisible black dragon. Kyle was pissed. So he went off to bed and stopped playing.

The next day Kyle felt fine, He was a little upset over his necro but He still has 7/8 ninja and 3/8 assassin so Kyle wasn’t worried. He was in a call with his guild mates, running davys with his ninja for the event when one of his guild mates decided to do a Shatters. The group is relatively good at running shatters so Kyle had no problem doing it with them.

So Kyle and his mates went into the shatters, Killed the pointless switch blocking spawn and proceeded forward, Kyle didn’t notice anyone going first switch but thought nothing of it. Kyle and his mates killed first and dragged 2 fire mages away from second then they killed second switch, after killing second Kyle stopped and went to type " Has anyone killed first switch yet?" And in doing so strayed from the group and fell behind while the group then opened the bridge dragging some ice adepts down as they went up, Kyle then got an answer in chat that said “open” So kyle went up but saw the wall of adepts and portals. So kyle went to go down below second and go around in mid around all the enemies using his speedy from dis Doom circle. It was at this moment and Ice sphere came from where kyle was going and kyle had no reaction time when the Ice sphere sat directly on top of kyle. Kyle died with his 7/8 ninja.

Kyle was pissed. He threw his headset down and screamed “FUCK!” Kyle was really mad because that ninja was his first Doku drop, First spectral drop, first Maxed stat on a ninja and he only 4 starred the ninja class after his death. He got off and went to sleep mad as a bull.

Kyle then woke up the next day completely forgetting about his previous deaths, Kyle then said " I think I’m going to max my necro to 6/8 today, I only need 4 attack pots"
Kyle then logged on to find his necro gone! He then remembered his death and said well that’s fine at least I still have my… Ninjaa… FUCK

Kyle was very upset, and is still very upset while writing this story.
( My real name is not kyle )
( This is a true story )


Rip your characters, but a good idea is to maybe not play RotMG while on drugs (also, don’t do drugs).
Also, I can’t confirm/deny this since I’m not a moderator, but maybe it would’ve been a better idea to type this on The Death Thread (The Death Thread), instead of making a whole thread that’s basically just a story about a few of your characters’ deaths. There’s really not much else to respond with regarding this topic, so I don’t feel like it really needs to have its own thread.

also, don’t do drugs


Drugs > Hugs


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