Samurai Fame Journey


This is just a little thread for me to post my progress climbing the fame ranks. Starting off:

I’m coming for you @LilCuzzo.

Edit: This journey has ended, so I’m closing this thread. After all, this was a journey, not just a chat thread.

Edit 2: nvm idk how to close it (lel) just pls don’t bump or cringe

AsSaSsIn FaMe JoUnEy (totally not a copy of something else)

Aiming for the top 200 on my favorite class :heart:


@LilCuzzo you have been dethroned.


prepare to lose that status >:)


I’m not even on the top 200 kekw, hibernating for about 2 months.


@Srthfy you’re next.


lol, where’s the 32% fame set? Or at least the 31% fame set (enforcers aren’t real. They can’t hurt me)


Or at least 31%.


fame bonus gear is cringe


speeds up the rate though. And almost all of the rings offer something other then just pure hp which can be useful


I have nothing better don’t judge


fair. For the longest time, I didn’t have 8% rings either. Now I have a few but I keep most of them in hiding and use the ultimate potato instead (7% but good enough lol)


Did not like the Samurai before, but now I really do, it’s my 3rd Samurai of at least 1/8 and my best char ever (base fame). The xp bonus of this set is only 22 %, but it’s ok.


Clearly you love it enough to get that ST set and even get in the top 200’s, quite impressive.


Thanks. I just do not risk very much, so it’s not too hard to get much fame. Takes a while, that’s all.

Got the set before I decided to play that Samurai.


fame leeching gang



i wonna have fun playing… leeching is boring to me.


@Rayel you’re goin down


@Rayel Another one bites the dust…

@KinkyPink better be ready.


wtf that was fast