Samurai Fame Journey


Either I’m cracked or the high samurai fame farmers are slacking, and I doubt it’s the former.
@PRCSakura I think you’re about to see me achieve that today.




GL man. The higher fame you got, the risker to keep it up on the leaderboard.


@XXWINERXX better watch their orange numbers.


@Zakkles :eyes:


@MOONSHOOT not shooting high enough. Better watch your orange bar more closely now.


@AppleLordx breathes down on neck


god damn! you getting really close to top 200!


@PRCSakura I did it… (also my placement will fluctuate because idk but ignore that)

@Drakeex You better watch out, you better not die, you better not pout, I’m telling you why.
@Mathician is taking your spot.



only a matter of time till you get me




Congrats! Almost 8k fame over 4 days! Could have gotten five star on four characters using old star system!


@Cube once I beat you you’ll be nothing but a square.





Only a matter of time…


I haven’t posted in a while, kinda been putting off fame farming on my samurai for a while. Anyways, I’m catching up to @HorstHackf. Surprised I still haven’t died yet.


@HorstHackf has been defeated…


hey, i’m still alive! :smiley:

good job!


@PlzDont plz do.


The end…

It ended the same way it started. Being too based and chadded. o7