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So when the samurai released I neglected playing it. The time has come for me to get 2k fame on it but I have no idea what type of gear to use. So I have decided to compile all of the samurai gear that I currently own, and get feedback from people who actually know what they’re doing.

Any tips would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


for me, samurai took some getting used to, and eventually found that dps sets made it fun.

i had the doku, the waki from wlab, csilk/spec, and nile.

in short, speed and dex makes him fun, so i’d leave your gear as it is, except for the armor… swap it for that reskinned fire armor




Specifically for samurai,
Best Katanas are the Kazakiri and T13/12 Katana - since you have T12 use that. Doku is ok for low defense minions but generally don’t use it.

Best wakis are Eastern Winds , Crossing Fires and the ST Waki - since you have Eastern Winds use that. Ronins waki and all tiered wakis are useless.

Best armor is the T14/13 and the Breastplate of New Life. Kamishimo is the best armor but ONLY if you have the ST Kazekiri and ST waki equipped already. Fire Dragon armor and Mercys Bane generally are not defensive enough for samurai but you can try. - Since you have T14 armor use that.

Best rings: Up to you really. Since I see you have a divine pet, mana isn’t a problem for a permanent expose, so the best ring would be Crown/Pyra/HP. You can experiment here. - Since you have exa HP use that I guess.


Keep Ray katana for the particulary dangerous situations such as unstunned O2 final phase, its longer range is helpful.

Agree with comments saying don’t bother with Doku, as tiered katana works fine for normal content.
I do carry Void for messing about with/situational.

Agree with Eastern being default wear waki. Library waki use depends on whether you value slow. I would use it in some situations when I’m soloing, but almost certainly not if someone around me is already doing better slows than samurai can manage. I carry T6 for the odd occasion when the map/corridor prevents Eastern from being used.

T14 I would use and save the Eggre for another class since IMO samurai appreciates his defensive stats more, same reason I go with HP ring too.


Void blade is an absolute beast when rushing ddocks, no chance of minions following you with those 2k damage bombs you leave behind in the path.


Get rid of the eggre, since the extra def of the domi is better.

If you already have a ray katana, then there is no real point in also carrying a doku.

The void blade has some situational uses in which it is really good (mostly rushing sews, ddocks and maybe also ffa tombs), but 95% of the time you won’t need it, so if you want an extra inventory space you can keep it in your vault.

The waki of eastern winds is really, really overrated and you might even feed it. While it looks pretty good on paper, the shots are so spread out that usually only 2 of the five shots hit, while a t5/t6 waki usually gets 3 in, which results in much more damage. The extra expose also won’t matter because with lvl 89 mheal, you should be able to permaexpose with t6 waki and with maxed att, expose only increases your dps by 6%.

TL;DR: Keep the Masamume, Ray Katana, t6 and ronins waki, domi and exa hp


Now, everyone in this thread seems to be saying that there’s not really a point in carrying a doku…

I disagree. I find it to be the best glands katana and very effective for clearing minions

According to RealmEye it does “slightly more DPS than the Masamune up to 43 defense”; Pfiffel’s broken for me right now so I can’t verify this myself.

Am I missing something?


Would you carry both tiered and Doku, or we agree that only one is needed?


I carry both. I think tiered is good as a main katana but personally doku is better for glands farming and clearing.


I personally enjoy using a “standard” set - in other words, tiered - tiered - tiered - Pyra.
Ronin’s is pretty underrated - its shot pattern is kinda weird, but a 6-second slow is very useful if you don’t have a Huntress (or any Slowers). Tiered Wakis are the best main choice, though - they have the most consistent and highest damage (see Mynamerr’s reply), although I reckon Eastern Winds is nice for applying that extra second of Exposed alongside its stat buffs.

Due to my personal distaste for Doku I can’t vouch for how useless or useful (lmao) it could be, but I agree that a Ray Katana is definitely useful for dangerous situations. Aside from that, Masamune is the way to go!
Void Blade sees a little less use than on Ninja due to Samurai’s lower dex, making it harder to cover more ground, but it’s still a fun niche weapon. Absolute god-tier to rush through anything with chasing minions, too.

Though you can apparently never go wrong with health rings, mess around with rings. I personally use an Akuma’s Tear, partially because I want to bee different and partially beecause I don’t have a Nile (which would bee a straight upgrade).
Samurai’s lackluster dex may make him feel more sluggish than he needs to bee, is what I’m trying to convey - so mess around for a bit.


What’s with all the bee jokes?

The General Chat Thread

samurai has garbage dps. id say use mercys if you can get one but I’m assuming you don’t have one so fire armour is a decent substitute. having dominion and breastplate for when survivability is a bigger concern is nice tho. i guess if you have a resu and really want to focus on using your waki then its an effective choice. eastern winds is the best waki for spreading exposed, while shaitains is best for dps, nice to have them both as a swapout. if exa hp is the only ring youve got then i guess thats ok, but samurai would really benefit from specialised rings, such as potato or crown if you’re going for dps, or omni or sorcestone if you wanna spread exposed more effectively. Pyra and Bracer are also pretty decent choices. in terms of katana, try and get a t13 or kazekiri. t12 is ok but its not as aesthetically pleasing or as powerful. doku is nice for the range and lower defense.


Yes should clarify Eastern isn’t a good choice if wanting a damage-ability but it is far better at getting exposed onto the enemy than all the others (ST aside), as its wavy shots help with this since only one is needed to hit to expose, and they cover a broader area and make the ‘range’ longer. Pics below aren’t perfect represent but you get about a tile’s more ‘range’ out of Eastern:

Plus the longer duration, and its +5SPD+3DEX is more benefit to wear than the T6 standard +2WIS+2VIT. I think it’s all these that make it highly rated by many. But balanced by its worse dmg.


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