Samurai Zombie


Since samurai came out, shouldn’t there be a samurai zombie? If there is Im looking forward to see it in the next Zombie hordes.


There is one; it apparently wielded a Doku. There is also now a Samurai based Katana wielding Host in the Parasite Chambers.


What about samurai puppets and parasites?




Yep I remember seeing it. Can’t remember the weapon.
Edit: here is its sprite:
No wiki page though. Lets get that sorted.
Edit2: yep was Doku attack:

Edit3: wiki page:

Well… those two are coded according to the wiki…:
necro puppet
ninja puppet

…but they just never spawn… (cue spooky music) :ghost:


What about the Parasite infected Samurai?


A good ninja is never seen.

Also, yeah there’s a samurai zombie

And is there really different enemies i oarasite for each class @Wilhuff? I thought they had names like “parasite maw” and such.


I added those in after spotting them in Pfiffel’s DPS calc, which uses the code from static drips, afaik.
The Necro one leeches health and shoots an astral-like shot; the Ninja throws stars.
Maybe they’ll be reused one day.


The are enemies called sword-wielding-hosts, katana wielding hosts etc. which come in different appearances (one fore each class).

The maws are the big red stun immune guys.


There is a Samurai sprite for the Katana Wielding Host, although it’s not documented on the wiki.

It’s weird because they’re fully functional, I’ve tested it myself. They just aren’t listed in the spawn chances of the dungeon generation so they never get used.

The Puppet Huntress is even more mysterious because it did exist in public testing, but for some reason was deleted entirely before release.


Ah I see him, this guy:

Now added to wiki:


Might want to add him here, too:


An @wikieditors forum group maybe would be a thing to set up on here, like how from my understanding the mods group works. Then anyone can just @ wikieditors and it’d get picked up by someone.

Anyway, thanks for the links but I will polite decline; wiki editing too easily turns into a blackhole of a time sink for me, so if anyone else wiki-motivated is reading, fill your boots.


I will!
…tomorrow. It’s 23:45.


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