Sansisgood's fan art thread


So, i might be horrible at this, but i want to share some of my fan art/resprites. feedback is appreciated.


first off, we have the demon warrior and the demon serf. these are resprites of the first demon in the cult boss fight. hope you enjoy!

demon warrior

demon serf


here’s a Native Crimson demon (red pepperoni demon from cult)


and finally (for today) we have the crystal prisoner crystal! bur golden!



ok this is actually the final post for today, ive always wondered what the yellow crystal cavern miniboss would look like with a chest on it, so i did that!

png%20(1) png png%20(2) png%20(3)


I have to say it even looks kinda cute.


Wow! These are pretty good! I especially like that crystal prisoner resprite


thanks, anything you would change about them? (i have full spritesheets for most, along with animations for all of them)


also as a bonus ill include the cult bum



The crystal cavern one could maybe use a bit lighter colors, it is hard for me too see sorta. But all my suggestions should be taken with a grain of salt because I’ve never sprites anything :rofl:


the cry cav one is using its original colors. or do you mean the chest?


heres also a random thing from 2019 idk what it is. probly a dungeon portal.


here’s also some statues of lukeoryx’s minions, along with a golden molek

png download%20(40) png

golden molek


also here’s a random ninja st set
pixil-frame-0%20(30)%20(1) pixil-frame-0%20(31)%20(1) pixil-frame-0%20(5)%20(1) pixil-frame-0%20(29)%20(1)
(actually just the katana rn I cant find the rest


Yes- the chest is a bit too dark for me


That’s Twilight Archmage’s Magi-Generator but colored differently.


no, it actually isnt. the bottom is made by me, while the top is an auto-generated oval (from an oval generator). I cannot lie I was inspired by the magi-generators, but this is 100% original.


about the chest, I had tried lighter colors, but it kept looking like makeup rather than wood.


the animation is also hand-made by me.


also, ive just finished these, but here’s my armor of nil/ void quiver overshaded: tier 1png%20(29) png%20(30)