Santa's Workshop Question


So I’m taking up on some advice and seeing if I can farm Snowballs using my Santa’s Workshop keys. I was wondering whether I should use a Paladin or Sorcerer. Both are 7/8.

Pally Weapon:

  • Demon Blade / Cutlass

Sorc Weapon:

  • Conducting / Recomp

I would appreciate class suggestions as well as which weapon to use!


All is see that you have is a 0/8 wizard. Do not use that.

In a workshop, neither of your options are great. My gut would say go with the sorcerer if you have a great set that will maximize your MP and Wis. if not, the pally with a ring that gives lots of spd.

Honestly, I would not run either, but I wish you the best of luck because the run will be lackluster at best.


This account that use for Forums is not my main, unfortunately. Thus, it shows poor characters.

I’m still not sure :frowning:



Honestly, just do them ice tombs will your sorc like a normal person. It’s not gonna hurt.


Switching through servers and Realms looking for Ice Tombs isn’t my play-style.


Do them with a discord. Or use Eye of Oryx to find a discord doing them and crash, the choice is yours.


Like @chennitoa said, you need a huntress with maxed Att, Dex, Wis, Mp, and spd. That is your best bet in such a run.


I mean, I have to use these Santa’s Workshops sooner or later. TBH, think of this question as a regular Workshop question.


Anyways, I think I’ll use my Paladin.

EDIT: ty for input! <3


I would use ur sorc as it can pierce and its scepter can hit multiple targets.
pally is really bad for this


I would highly reccommend using a piercing weapon




Sorc it is!




Wow neat one of your choices breaks the ToS


Only if you have Freezing quiver (Void quiver is even better)

But thanks to recent event, Pretty much everyone who grinds hard enough has it.


Now that I can’t reccomend…


Wizard with Staff of Unholy Sacrifice>Archer/Huntress/Ninja in terms of Peircing DPS


Obviously the class focused on dps will have the highest dps, even if you use a piercing stave which you don’t even really need to in all honesty.