SBC is recruiting [OPEN] [Lost Halls Discord]


Unlike Spekus who made this sorry excuse for a thread I actually use these forums.


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Have you ever wondered where to get lost halls whites?
Well worry not!
Here at SBC, we specialize in Lost Halls!

You need 6 8/8s and 10k 3 8/8s, 8,5k fame and 50 halls completions and a pair of ears to join in on the runs here (Currently open)

Runs usually start at around 6:30pm UTC on weekdays and at 4-5pm UTC on weekends and go for (usually) around 8 hours.

Runs are pretty infrequent currently and are usually between 12:00 PM and 1 AM CET

Now of course we have a couple of rules that you can find on the discord channel’s rules-and-guidelines section but we have a couple rules beforehand

  1. No hacking
  2. No crashing dungeons or baaaad things happen
  3. No leaking the location to people not in SBC

for obvious reasons

And upon joining the discord, make sure to say Spekus is bad.

I’ll just…

stop now.

Edit: Oh yeah, if you have questions about how to run lost halls just post and I’ll try to get back to you on that

LH Discords
After a few months Lost Halls has really changed

what are an lost halls


There is no way a yellow star being a person who plays realm can have gone this long without knowing what a lost halls is. Either you are joking, pretending or a lost cause.

Also you already have lost halls whites on your account

Also you posted this:


This is the standard competent player in sbc :^)

He’s bad.


Actually, there’s plenty of yellow star accounts that haven’t logged in since before LH came out.
(In this case he did know, but in general you can’t assume people know things because they have a lot of stars.)

Just noticed you said “being a person who plays realm”, but still, he could have started playing again 1 week ago and not know yet.


I guess I should know better than defaulting to an absolute.


Does 3 7/8’s work? Or should I just wait until I 8/8 my chars?


rip my dreams
candy why


There’s always all the other lost halls discords that exist!


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That’s not very nice…


Don’t worry Marvin!

I believe in you



Thanks for the support!


This is the new SBC thread
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rip my dreams
candy why
[/quote]I only preach the rules
dont shoot the messenger


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wut u get for bl0cking me exgs deedee

Can you have 3 8/8s but use a throwaway in the LH runs instead?


You need 3 8/8s to join, but after that they won’t kick you for not maintaining 3 8/8s.
They could ban you if you do stupid stuff / don’t listen to the raid leaders though.
When you join, make sure to read all the rules and guidelines


Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t the whole point of the 8/8s is that you don’t bring a non maxed character to the run?


Ik but I just question if a 8/8 is even necessary for a coordinated lost halls (i mean, its not).

For example, LHH has a req for a certain amount of 8/8s (i believe 2), but all you need to bring to the actual lh is a 2/8 (with a maxed dps stat).

For most classes, maxing the DPS stat is what will help, but only by making things slightly faster. Life and mana will barely help. The other stats such in spd and def would really only be helping yourself (again, for most classes), but what if you are capable of doing LH without maxing spd and def?

The point is, there are many things that can instakill in lost halls, and the more you do it, the higher chance you die. I don’t want to die doing LH on 8/8 when I can do them on throwaways just as well.

But what do I know, I’m just a blue star. :frowning:


Two alive 8/8s one dead 8/8 three 8/8s easy


It’s up to the group running them then.

People just like maxed numbers lol