SBC is recruiting [OPEN] [Lost Halls Discord]


I have 3 8/8s (no 5k alive fame though) but do i have to use the 8/8s for runs or can i use 6/8s?


Questions you have can be answered in the rules/guidelines section when you join

8: The character you bring to Lost Halls must at LEAST be maxed Dexterity and maxed on Attack, with decent gear (T10+ weapon/armor, T4+ ability/rings). If we see you break this rule, your Raid role will be suspended.


4 8/8s 5k+ Alive fame over them. Are you still recruiting?


dont have 5k alive fame


5k fame on one character? I have 6k over my priest,sorc and necromancer…


I believe SBC is still recruiting, and no, the 5k fame doesn’t have to be on one character.


Well apparently i dont have 5k alive fame??? Im very confused. Pretty sure i have more than 5k :thinking:


Piggie was saying he doesn’t have 5k alive fame, not you


As of today, applications are closed.

The Achievement Thread

Noooo. Please dad


oh LOL. I was confused as heck


I Applied when i had 5k alive then the same day i lost my 1100 warr so rip


any updated link?


oh nvm just saw applic closed


They removed the invite link a while ago, no one who isnt in the discord can get in as of now.

If you want to do LH runs use Pub Halls or LHZ


So does 5k alive fame means you have to have 5k fame on all your characters or you 5k fame total?


@Niegil to the rescue o.O


I’d love to apply if there is any chance of getting in atm.


5k total.


can I get invited?

I have 26/8 27/8 2*8/8, 7k alive fame